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Off season

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 3 Comments

It’s the off season in the world of junking (at least in our neck of the woods) and frankly, that has been just fine with me. The last thing I’ve wanted to do is bring more crap into my house. … Continue reading

“Garage” “Sale”

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 4 Comments

Here’s a fascinating sign for ya: Now, I can guess why someone might use quotes on “Garage” … maybe the sale’s not really in the garage. A carport, perhaps, or maybe somewhere near the garage … though I strongly suspect … Continue reading

The yard sale/real estate connection

Posted by Jenny in Field Trip, Grab Bag | 6 Comments

I was visiting my parents in Berkeley the weekend before last. As I’ve mentioned before, I got my love of yard sales from my folks, who have been loving the wacky second-hand stuff since before I was born. We hadn’t … Continue reading

Live fish and large shoes

Posted by Meghan in Grab Bag | 4 Comments

My mom had called me on Wednesday night wanting to know if she could come crash sales. Sure, but I warned her that we might not have that many sales to even hit, since it’s been raining and really feeling … Continue reading

Cheaper than the cheapest yard sale

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 2 Comments

As you may have guessed from the lack of posts this week, we basically took last weekend off. (Although I did manage to hit a couple of sales while out of town … more on that soon.) So while we … Continue reading

This garage sale brought to you by …

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 2 Comments

Bargain Hunter — the official board game of garage/yard/moving sales! (Only because there is no board game called “Freaky Treasure Hunt,” which I think would be way more appropriate.)

Will that be cash, credit, or chocolate?

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 6 Comments

In his comment on our last post, Willy Callit mentioned one peculiar item we ran across: Why on earth would anyone bother to keep a chocolate Nordstrom’s card for, apparently, decades? I can’t really provide an answer to that one. … Continue reading

Money raised will be used for spelling lessons

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 7 Comments

It’s one thing if a kid had written up this sign, but the fact that it was actually printed up like this … for a school fundraiser … well, that’s pretty bad. Rumage: does that rhyme with plumage? Thanks to … Continue reading