Will that be cash, credit, or chocolate?

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In his comment on our last post, Willy Callit mentioned one peculiar item we ran across:

Why on earth would anyone bother to keep a chocolate Nordstrom’s card for, apparently, decades?

I can’t really provide an answer to that one. But I can tell you who would bother to grab it out of someone’s free box …

Nordstrom Chocolate Charge Card

I was just fascinated, especially considering it’s gotta be pretty ancient. (Nordstrom hasn’t used that logo in a looooong time.)

So I picked it up … although I already know it’s probably going to end up getting chucked into the ever-growing pile of stuff destined for my next sale. (See also: the yard sale catch and release program.)

6 Responses to Will that be cash, credit, or chocolate?

  1. Willy Callit says:

    ‘Zackly. It’s about the hunt, really. I do believe that I understand.

  2. I heard about chocolate coins but this is rediculous! LoL

  3. Julie says:

    Got to your blog by way of some other blog by way of some other blog …….anyway. Read your last post and the one before that and the one before that and on and on. I couldn’t stop. You are quite the witty junkin’ queen. I’ll be back for more. Oh yeah. That’s a promise And a threat.

  4. Julie says:

    Uh Oh. I wrote that last line funny but it reads kinda creepy.Sorry.I’ll start over.

    Your blog is cool.

  5. Lara says:


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