“Garage” “Sale”

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Here’s a fascinating sign for ya:

"Garage"  "Sale"

Now, I can guess why someone might use quotes on “Garage” … maybe the sale’s not really in the garage. A carport, perhaps, or maybe somewhere near the garage … though I strongly suspect I am overthinking this.

But “Sale”? Now, what exactly do you think they have in mind?!

Seen at The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, of course. (Thanks to my dad for the tip!)

4 Responses to “Garage” “Sale”

  1. Oh, you know I’ll be all over that “blog”

  2. katherine @ backgarage says:

    Oh “me” too.

  3. kvz says:

    what is the “issue” here?


  4. Sasha says:

    We recently found a level at a thrift store that had this hand-lettered message on it:

    “Is it level…yet!”

    (quotes mine, ellipses and exclamation point theirs)
    (we own it now, of course, which is why i know it so well)