The estate sale they would have if they were dead

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Neither Jenny or Karl have been able to hit any sales, and because of that I lose a bit of my steam to blog. I will still go out, but usually nothing will happen that I can make fun of alone. Or I can, but no one is there to bust up laughing.

This weekend I started looking at the listings and it just didn’t look that good. I hit couple of sales on Friday morning before work, one that was super odd, since it was an estate sale filled with kids toys and shabby chic projects that no one completed. Plus, it was dark and cold, because they didn’t have any power on in the house. Classy!

I did see one ad that looked really good on craig’s. The photos looked interesting (and usually they don’t) and the listing sounded great. Plus, they didn’t try to call it an estate sale.

Huge moving sale (or, the estate sale we would have if we were dead). Leaving 2800 square feet and moving to one bedroom! Mid Century house filled with mid century. Furniture – including DWR, West Elm, Vintage “Tank” desk, armoire, etc. Pottery – McCoy, Fiesta, USA, California, Syracuse, Holt Howard, Metro, etc. Linens: Pottery Barn, vintage quilts and table cloths. Household: Crate and Barrel, vintage. Includes china sets, vintage pitchers, old kitchen tools, etc. Tools: both vintage and newer. Garden tools and containers. Vintage planters with plants. Vintage Globes! Anatomy Chart. Midcentury art. Original art. Everything priced to sell. Large free box!

Photo from yard sale ad

It started at 10 AM, so my plan was to hit an 8 AM sale, get some more coffee, hit the bank, and see was going on at this crazy sounding sale.

I ended up getting there so early there wasn’t a single person waiting. They had a little sign-in sheet and I was the only person to put my name on it. Then I headed back to wait in my car instead of stalking their front door alone. At about 10 til 9:00 a woman came out to my car and gestured me inside. Yeah! First one into the sale and no one else around.

The house was amazing and they did have great stuff and I wouldn’t say it was dirt cheap, but it was good enough that it didn’t matter. I loved the two ladies. They told me they wanted to downsize and had purchased a one bedroom condo on one of the islands. If this is what they got rid of they must have had some great stuff that they kept.

I was busy checking stuff out and making a large pile, so the only photo I took was of this folk art baby doggie painting. It’s amazing, right?

Amazing baby/puppy art

When folks started to crowd in, I realized that I’d better pay for my items and get them to the car before someone started to take stuff out of the pile I had. My pile was $65 and then I spent another $10 when I went back through for a second pass.

My trunk shot is so crappy … see what happens when Jenny isn’t here to style it for me?

Junk In My Trunk 6-22-13

So, I did lay everything out on my couch for a photo where you can see it a little better. McCoy, Fiesta, Bauer pottery. 2 quilts, a couple state glasses, 3 50s table cloths, one ladies Pendleton and a few more things.

Junk On My Couch 6-22-13

And I was home by 9:50 AM.

7 Responses to The estate sale they would have if they were dead

  1. Bonnie says:

    OMG Meghan—“The estate sale they would have if they were dead.” Best title EVER. And the concept is really so compelling, isn’t it? Of downsizing like they are doing? Leaving the urban rat race for an island, and a simpler life?

    [Said me, Loser/Hypocrite who just went from 800 sq ft to 2400 sq ft]

    I also love this line: “Then I headed back to wait in my car instead of stalking their front door alone.” You tap into what I always feel like at these things….oddly predatory & stalkerish!

  2. meghan says:

    The most happy space wise I have been was in a smaller place, it kept me in control.
    Who wants to stand in front of a house alone while the people inside see you out the window?

  3. swankola says:

    Yes, the painting of the dachshunds shaking down the baby is decidedly amazing and would have gone home with me if I was there.

  4. Karen in Tacoma says:

    Each year at the end of yard sale season, I look back and decide which sale was the best one of the year. This sale would have been it for me – AWESOME scores! The Fiesta, McCoy and 50’s style tablecloths – love it 🙂

  5. ira lee says:

    i would have grabbed those fab white chairs!!! how lucky to get to have v.i.p. access!!! and what a great description they gave!!

  6. meghan says:

    The chairs had sold to a friend before I arrived, or I would have purchased them myself!

  7. Melissa says:

    WOW, jackpot! Very envious of the pottery and the tablecloths – ya done good! And well deserved, I might add 🙂