Money raised will be used for spelling lessons

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It’s one thing if a kid had written up this sign, but the fact that it was actually printed up like this … for a school fundraiser … well, that’s pretty bad.

Rumage: does that rhyme with plumage?

Thanks to Karl for the photo!

7 Responses to Money raised will be used for spelling lessons

  1. Bitch On Wheels says:

    Chalk one up for Karl!

    In honor of Karl, I’m proposing counting the number of dogloos seen at yardsales. Last weekend I saw a total of 1.

  2. LynnW says:

    Maybe next year they should assign someone in the English department to order up the banners!

  3. DaveX says:

    I believe “all school” takes a hyphen as well…

  4. Too funny! And thanks for posting this. I’m soooo sick of bad spelling all over the place, but this takes the KAKE.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Funny and quite sad, isn’t it? I think of the most common mistakes is subtituting “your” when the writer really means “you’re”. I see that all of the time! But to have such a blantant error on a school banner–is just plan sad. Love your blog! I visit all the time!

  6. Josie says:

    How funny! Any idea where this is? What school it’s for? Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  7. Oh that is bad. I am suprised its not Hugh’s sale, example: Hugh All School Rumage sale.