Our new batgirl hairstyle

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Jenny was going to be out of town, but she sent me the listing for the Derek Erdman Estate Sale saying that Cathy and I should go. I will not go into my thoughts on calling your sale an estate sale if no one has died.

Derek first came to my attention when he posted a fake show at the Than Brothers Pho Restaurant that seemed to have every Seattle band in existence.

It was very obviously a joke, but that didn’t stop folks on Facebook (and friends of the band Candlebox) from getting really upset about an imaginary show in a soup joint. Here is more details about Seattle Megafest #3 and its sequel Megafest #4.

I wasn’t even sure about going, I mean maybe it’s not even a sale and we are all going to get pranked in line?! Cathy’s enthusiasm that it would be interesting won out. He does use some of our favorite yard sale catch phrases:


The signs were great as soon as you entered the house. I made a comment about the “carry it yourself” at the very bottom of the free metal desk sign, and all I heard back was “Well, I’m not going to carry it.”

There was tons of his and others’ art for sale, but I had zero plans to buy any art, since I can barely get the stuff that I do own up on the walls in our house.

Cathy picked up a few things right away while I popped into the back bedroom finding this gem in a pile. I sort of hemmed and hawed about if I should buy this, I mean when do you wear a “NO HAND JOBS IN THE HOT TUB” T-shirt?!?! And the person paid extra to have the fingers nails screened in green.

I was going to buy this amazing sign, but it’s not that often that I need to let folks know about my Identidy theft.

Here are few more gems from the sale.

I did hear the story about the woman who made the T-shirts. She had just gotten a divorce and she purchased a hot tub and then made these shirts for her friends.

Just in keeping with the theme, I had lunch plans with my friend Tim who is an insane collector of Derek’s paintings. As we drove to lunch I spotted a moose head and a Spiderman in the front yard of this house.

Here’s a closer look at that very tall wooden paint brush man in the back.

We pulled over to see what else they had. As soon as we walked up I saw two guys walking out with about 10 LPs. That usually means if anything is good they have picked it up. And it’s 1:30 in the afternoon, well past when I usually hit a sale.

Once inside I saw a few large boxes of records, almost all of them Beatles LPs. I was quickly told that they wouldn’t be selling any Beatles LPs … hmmmm, OK.

The house was packed and I couldn’t work out how must of the stuff was still there. It seemed like most of it should have been grabbed in the first few hours.

I don’t need a black velvet painting, but someone does.

Once downstairs I found the records. Sadly many of them had been stored badly, though some were fine. It took awhile digging, but we both pulled some stuff out for $1 each.

Tim found a few framed posters, all of them really good. Then I picked up probably one of the best things I have seen at a sale in years. It’s a 1960s Batgirl Hairstyle poster.

I am sort of speechless about it, but it’s in my office now.

6 Responses to Our new batgirl hairstyle

  1. rae says:

    that batgirl poster is AMAZING! I would have snapped it up too!

  2. Antony says:

    OMG! You guys are back! You don’t know me, but I always check out your blog – I thought it was all over as there were no updates for a while! But you came back… and with that 8 track recorder too! As a fellow thrifter and car boot sale addict (as we have in The UK) I love to see your finds! Keep up your good work on Yard Sale Bloodbath, from your number one British fan that lives in China! Maybe the only British fan living in China, but then again it’s a pretty specific criteria. Can’t wait to see what you find next!

  3. karl says:

    bestest poster ever – Batgirl rules! So does that poster, totally jealous over here!

  4. Vonlipi says:

    I WANT the hot tub t-shirt!!!

    it is sooo weird! I’m petty sure I need the Lucy black velvet painting too… Tacky rules!

  5. Nikki says:

    Am so glad you are back. Without your blog, winter is very dull around here.

    Only you can find the mundane and the macabre (all in one garage sale)!

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