Living up to the hype

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Over the years Jenny and I have seen a ton of exaggeration about how sales are “epic” or “100 years of treasures” or “not to be missed.” Most of the time there is no way to really know that a sale can live up to those titles. This Seattle home did and more.

The original owners built this historic home in 1915 and sold it with many of their original possessions to the current owner’s family in the 1960s. The second owners filled it to the rafters with inherited family items. One of the most the most intact antique homes I have ever seen! Here is a little peek.

Did I mention that the guy was a dentist in like 1940? (Sadly, I missed most of the cool dental stuff.) Clothing, dishes, tools …

… really EVERYTHING.

Here is a video of the insane paintings on at the top of the main stairs.

Along with a few items from the sale. I was so in awe that I didn’t take many pictures. Enjoy!

Our new batgirl hairstyle

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Jenny was going to be out of town, but she sent me the listing for the Derek Erdman Estate Sale saying that Cathy and I should go. I will not go into my thoughts on calling your sale an estate sale if no one has died.

Derek first came to my attention when he posted a fake show at the Than Brothers Pho Restaurant that seemed to have every Seattle band in existence.

It was very obviously a joke, but that didn’t stop folks on Facebook (and friends of the band Candlebox) from getting really upset about an imaginary show in a soup joint. Here is more details about Seattle Megafest #3 and its sequel Megafest #4.

I wasn’t even sure about going, I mean maybe it’s not even a sale and we are all going to get pranked in line?! Cathy’s enthusiasm that it would be interesting won out. He does use some of our favorite yard sale catch phrases:


The signs were great as soon as you entered the house. I made a comment about the “carry it yourself” at the very bottom of the free metal desk sign, and all I heard back was “Well, I’m not going to carry it.”

There was tons of his and others’ art for sale, but I had zero plans to buy any art, since I can barely get the stuff that I do own up on the walls in our house.

Cathy picked up a few things right away while I popped into the back bedroom finding this gem in a pile. I sort of hemmed and hawed about if I should buy this, I mean when do you wear a “NO HAND JOBS IN THE HOT TUB” T-shirt?!?! And the person paid extra to have the fingers nails screened in green.

I was going to buy this amazing sign, but it’s not that often that I need to let folks know about my Identidy theft.

Here are few more gems from the sale.

I did hear the story about the woman who made the T-shirts. She had just gotten a divorce and she purchased a hot tub and then made these shirts for her friends.

Just in keeping with the theme, I had lunch plans with my friend Tim who is an insane collector of Derek’s paintings. As we drove to lunch I spotted a moose head and a Spiderman in the front yard of this house.

Here’s a closer look at that very tall wooden paint brush man in the back.

We pulled over to see what else they had. As soon as we walked up I saw two guys walking out with about 10 LPs. That usually means if anything is good they have picked it up. And it’s 1:30 in the afternoon, well past when I usually hit a sale.

Once inside I saw a few large boxes of records, almost all of them Beatles LPs. I was quickly told that they wouldn’t be selling any Beatles LPs … hmmmm, OK.

The house was packed and I couldn’t work out how must of the stuff was still there. It seemed like most of it should have been grabbed in the first few hours.

I don’t need a black velvet painting, but someone does.

Once downstairs I found the records. Sadly many of them had been stored badly, though some were fine. It took awhile digging, but we both pulled some stuff out for $1 each.

Tim found a few framed posters, all of them really good. Then I picked up probably one of the best things I have seen at a sale in years. It’s a 1960s Batgirl Hairstyle poster.

I am sort of speechless about it, but it’s in my office now.

West Seattle sale day … again

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Yes, we haven’t blogged in forever. Jenny is taking a break, I have been lazy. It’s just the breaks. I did hit West Seattle Yard Sale Day a couple of weeks ago. You know the drill, we have blogged about it a bunch of times. To be honest, I am so out of the loop that I forgot it was even the weekend of the big sale until someone at work asked if I would be over in her part of town.

This year they added a Bingo game!

I was planning to meet a girl friend and when she texted that she was going to be late I hit a few sales without her. Scoring this Weltron 2001 “Space Ball” Radio/8 Track player.

Pretty cool, huh? I am completely obsessed with the turntables and it was nice to get one of these for a good prices. Here is some information about them.

I hit a sale that had these beauties at them. Not something I really want to own …

We hit loads of sales over the next few hours.

And this place wasn’t having a sale, but I stopped to take a photo anyway.

I am so rusty I forgot to take a trunk shot!

Return of the hat

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Wow. We haven’t done an update since August. OUCH! Jenny has been taking a break from sales, I have been going very sporadically and we are just a little flakey. Over a month ago we did hit some sales while my friends from Lennox Head, Australia where in town (the same ones who took me to some Australian garage sales a couple years back.

Jenny was the navigator and we tried to find a few good sales for them. About seven or eight sales in we hit one that this woman was having in her garage and part of a shipping container filled with books. As I was looking around I saw a hat that recognized, because I had made it. In 1990 Seattle had a huge snowstorm and my sister and her two children all ended up being stuck in Ballard for 4 days. In that time we crafted for hours just to keep busy. We made jewelry and Christmas stockings, and I also made a couple of hats. One of which was now here.

Hat on mannequin

I asked the woman, “Can you tell me about this hat?”

“Oh, sure. I have had those for years. I purchased them at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Do you know about that festival?” Well, no I don’t know jack shit about that festival, but how do I tell this woman I made that hat. I mean really. WTF?

Jenny leaned over and said “I think that’s Women with a Y.” So, I just said I knew nothing about any “Womyn’s” festival, but I made that hat.

Here is the real kicker. She had the other hat I made too. She purchased both of them in Michigan and brought both of them back to Ballard — 15 blocks away from our old house! She wanted to know how long I made hats for and how long I sold hats for. I HAVE NEVER SOLD A HAT IN MY LIFE.

I had to call my sister right away, since the sale was 10 blocks from our old house. INSANE.

We did hit a few more sales, including this sale that had the most insane table built on a shopping cart – janky.

Mod shopping cart table

I picked up an old movie canister that is really cool.

I honestly don’t remember much else that happened, but we had a nice time and we each bought at few things. Here is a little blog about Brett and Jenny’s trip to the USA, which includes a rare photo of us styling the trunk.

Junk In My Trunk 9-14-13


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Last week my mom came for her yearly Seattle Garage sale visit, sadly without my aunt in tow this time … with the two of them together the hijinks are at a much higher level. My mom had a plan: “to buy a ton of stuff.” Um, okay.

One of our very first sales wasn’t open at 9:00 and we vowed to try to get back to it, since it looked like it could be good. It was a woman clearing out her whole house (more on her later).

As we drove away from her house, we happened to drive right past a house as they started setting up. Sure the sale doesn’t look that great, but she was selling all of her folks’ glasses and dishware that had been in boxes for years. My mom purchased a huge box of stuff, I found a really nice green and blue vintage Blendo cocktail set.

Sale in the sun

Her daughter was selling snacks and made this pretty great sign.

Thank you for shopping

At one of our next sales we saw this (and one other) vintage doll house.

Doll house and more

Of course my mom needed to inform the ladies running the sale about how my grandfather made me a doll house that I pushed against the heater in our house in 1976 and it almost burnt our whole house down.

Big sale here stop in!

Now, I realize when folks sell an entire box of one color bandanas that they don’t probably know anything about “hanky code”. But that doesn’t make it any less funny to me.


By about 9:30 we already had to do our first unloading of the car! We did hit a ton more sales over the course of the next 4 hours. Including a couple of hipster sales.

Urban yard sale

Arf! Yard sale!

During this time my mom and I had a conversation about her carrying around her money in a banking envelope. This had come up a few years ago and I even purchased a nice wallet for her, which she informed me she is using, but it’s in her car. My worry was that she would leave her envelope of cash at a sale or a store.

Rainbow sale sign

We finally made it back to the sale that we tried to hit early on. She had this cool King Tut mural.

Egyptian decor

I picked up a ton of vintage games for super cheap. The woman was really nice and she was selling everything to move to a warmer climate.


Donkey fun

We both picked up some great stuff at this sale and left for one last stop. Starting out, the stairs were scary.

Wobbly stair railing

The house itself was filled with stuff.

Smile Awhile


Framed pics

Nothing that I really needed, but my mom cleaned up buying all of her cut crystal stemware.

After getting back to my house, my mom realized she had left an envelope with $400 at the sale where we picked up the games. WTF MOM?!?!

We drove back to the sale just talking about how the money would definitely be gone and you know what? The woman had found it and returned all of the cash! Wow! My mom was very lucky.

And here’s one of our two full trunks!

Junk In My Trunk 7-29-13

Boats, chairs, and cigarette cookbooks

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Yeah, it seems like we haven’t been going to sales and that is only half right. Jenny is on a no-purchasing freeze and I have been out of town or had house guests the last few weeks. I even missed my favorite church sale, since they randomly decided to start it on Thursday this year. I did some thrifting in Boise, Idaho, and I thought it would be great, but it seemed really picked over.

Here are a few things I did see out at sales a couple of weeks ago.

Sale under the flags

An entire boat filled with stuff. This seems like an “only in Seattle” sort of thing …

Boatload of stuff

Pile of lawn chairs.

You pick!

Butterfly rugs.

Butterflu rugs

Pretty bad looking “free stuff” across the street from a sale.

Couch, chair, bins

A sale that was all cookbooks. No, really. Four tarps of just cookbooks.

Book spread

Here is the one item that caught my eye: Benson & Hedges 100’s Presents 100 of the World’s Greatest Recipes by James Beard. Do you think that the foodie folks that tout the James Beard Awards have this in their kitchen?

Benson & Hedges/James Beard cookbook

It was a bust of a day, so no trunk shot.

The estate sale they would have if they were dead

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Neither Jenny or Karl have been able to hit any sales, and because of that I lose a bit of my steam to blog. I will still go out, but usually nothing will happen that I can make fun of alone. Or I can, but no one is there to bust up laughing.

This weekend I started looking at the listings and it just didn’t look that good. I hit couple of sales on Friday morning before work, one that was super odd, since it was an estate sale filled with kids toys and shabby chic projects that no one completed. Plus, it was dark and cold, because they didn’t have any power on in the house. Classy!

I did see one ad that looked really good on craig’s. The photos looked interesting (and usually they don’t) and the listing sounded great. Plus, they didn’t try to call it an estate sale.

Huge moving sale (or, the estate sale we would have if we were dead). Leaving 2800 square feet and moving to one bedroom! Mid Century house filled with mid century. Furniture – including DWR, West Elm, Vintage “Tank” desk, armoire, etc. Pottery – McCoy, Fiesta, USA, California, Syracuse, Holt Howard, Metro, etc. Linens: Pottery Barn, vintage quilts and table cloths. Household: Crate and Barrel, vintage. Includes china sets, vintage pitchers, old kitchen tools, etc. Tools: both vintage and newer. Garden tools and containers. Vintage planters with plants. Vintage Globes! Anatomy Chart. Midcentury art. Original art. Everything priced to sell. Large free box!

Photo from yard sale ad

It started at 10 AM, so my plan was to hit an 8 AM sale, get some more coffee, hit the bank, and see was going on at this crazy sounding sale.

I ended up getting there so early there wasn’t a single person waiting. They had a little sign-in sheet and I was the only person to put my name on it. Then I headed back to wait in my car instead of stalking their front door alone. At about 10 til 9:00 a woman came out to my car and gestured me inside. Yeah! First one into the sale and no one else around.

The house was amazing and they did have great stuff and I wouldn’t say it was dirt cheap, but it was good enough that it didn’t matter. I loved the two ladies. They told me they wanted to downsize and had purchased a one bedroom condo on one of the islands. If this is what they got rid of they must have had some great stuff that they kept.

I was busy checking stuff out and making a large pile, so the only photo I took was of this folk art baby doggie painting. It’s amazing, right?

Amazing baby/puppy art

When folks started to crowd in, I realized that I’d better pay for my items and get them to the car before someone started to take stuff out of the pile I had. My pile was $65 and then I spent another $10 when I went back through for a second pass.

My trunk shot is so crappy … see what happens when Jenny isn’t here to style it for me?

Junk In My Trunk 6-22-13

So, I did lay everything out on my couch for a photo where you can see it a little better. McCoy, Fiesta, Bauer pottery. 2 quilts, a couple state glasses, 3 50s table cloths, one ladies Pendleton and a few more things.

Junk On My Couch 6-22-13

And I was home by 9:50 AM.

Handful of sales

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Yard Sale Stop :)

I wasn’t even planning on doing a blog entry, but I did see a few things last weekend, even if overall the sales were a bust (after my finding money in a box last week).

I started out at 8:00 am, since an early sale sounded good across town, but it turned out to be a waste of time. So after I headed back to Ballard I saw signs for a sale that had some really bad dresses.

Fancy dresses

As soon as I turned around I saw this Joan Collins book with a ton of bad romance novels.

Past Imperfect

I guess I understand where she picked up that fashion sense! She didn’t have a copy of that book Lace, but I am willing to bet $50 that she has read it.

She did have a nice gnome collection.

Dwarves and their friends

I hit a few more sales, even picking up a friend for breakfast along the way. I saw both of these pictures and kind of loved them both, but not enough to purchase either one.

Odd holiday portrait

Lady in chair

On our way to breakfast we happened to drive by a sale on Capitol Hill.

Strange sale sign

Turned out one of the folks putting it on was Ima Handful from Rat City Rollergirls. Sadly she was selling stuff since she is moving out of the country. I picked up a few things here, but I didn’t buy this sweater from her friend. Gadzooks!

Funky sweater

And they had the cutest cashier of any sale I have ever seen!

Doggie cashier