Handful of sales

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Yard Sale Stop :)

I wasn’t even planning on doing a blog entry, but I did see a few things last weekend, even if overall the sales were a bust (after my finding money in a box last week).

I started out at 8:00 am, since an early sale sounded good across town, but it turned out to be a waste of time. So after I headed back to Ballard I saw signs for a sale that had some really bad dresses.

Fancy dresses

As soon as I turned around I saw this Joan Collins book with a ton of bad romance novels.

Past Imperfect

I guess I understand where she picked up that fashion sense! She didn’t have a copy of that book Lace, but I am willing to bet $50 that she has read it.

She did have a nice gnome collection.

Dwarves and their friends

I hit a few more sales, even picking up a friend for breakfast along the way. I saw both of these pictures and kind of loved them both, but not enough to purchase either one.

Odd holiday portrait

Lady in chair

On our way to breakfast we happened to drive by a sale on Capitol Hill.

Strange sale sign

Turned out one of the folks putting it on was Ima Handful from Rat City Rollergirls. Sadly she was selling stuff since she is moving out of the country. I picked up a few things here, but I didn’t buy this sweater from her friend. Gadzooks!

Funky sweater

And they had the cutest cashier of any sale I have ever seen!

Doggie cashier

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