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After talking about doing something like this for way too long, we finally took the plunge and started up this blog in April of 2007. Here you’ll find our various thoughts on yard sales and related subjects, ranging from philosophical musings to “oh my god, I can’t believe that person was trying to sell their used granny panties.”

We sometimes talk about specific items that we purchased, but that is not really the main focus of this blog. It’s mostly about our experiences going to yard sales, which provides way more raw material than we could ever fully cover here. Of course, we reserve the right to drift into various related areas from time to time — thrift shopping and flea markets are certainly fair game — but we try to keep things reasonably focused. If you are really wondering what we do with the stuff we buy, this post may shed some light.

The name of our blog was inspired by an unfortunate yard-sale-related incident involving a copy of Disco Bloodbath. The actual event in question has nothing to do with the blog, but we decided the name was perfect!

We live (and go to sales) in Seattle. You can read a bit more about us in our introductory posts:

We don’t run ads of any kind on this site, so please don’t bother to contact us about advertising! For anything else, we can be reached by sending e-mail here. (Also, we find it totally flattering that other bloggers occasionally tag us or give us a chain-letter-style blog award, but we never actually follow the “rules” and do the requisite posts about those.)

If you just can’t get enough, check out our Facebook page! We post frequent quick updates and/or interesting links there.

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