Live fish and large shoes

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Huge Sale! Huge T-Shirt!

My mom had called me on Wednesday night wanting to know if she could come crash sales. Sure, but I warned her that we might not have that many sales to even hit, since it’s been raining and really feeling like autumn. Come Friday night, Jenny had sent me a message saying that she had found a total of 7 sales. EEEK! SEVEN? What is the point of even getting dressed? I called me my mom to see if she wanted to bail (since she lives over an hour away), but she didn’t seem discouraged.

Saturday morning – it’s misting out. My mom was running late, so Jenny said why don’t we run over and hit an estate sale listed as “Mink Coats and Muffy Bears” … whatever the hell that is. We got there and the first thing we saw was a bucket of antlers (and skull).

$8 Bucket of Antlers

The sale turned out to not feel like an estate sale at all, but a garage jumbled with a really odd assortment of stuff.

Mixed crap at sale

Everything was thrown together randomly, with crappy books displayed right under $90 (fake) Juicy Couture handbags.

Overpriced estate sale crap

It was the first time I have been to an “estate sale” with live fish swimming around.

Live fish at estate sale

There was just a ton of overpriced crap. It was cramped, and I almost tripped and fell over this guy’s leg. This led to the following conversation:

Dude: “Sorry. My feet are big.”
Me: “And they’re in the walkway!”
Dude: (shrugging) “This is where they put the records.”

Total record squirrel.

In the time that we have done the blog we have talked about a few of our regulars, but one that we see every couple of weeks is “furniture guy.” He goes to every single sale and asks if they have furniture. We couldn’t get away from him this weekend and I was completely mortified to see him purchase blue, fleece, adult footed pajamas. I have never even seen him buy anything but furniture and most of the time he is trying to buy stuff that isn’t even for sale.

My mom was getting a lot of stuff, but for Jenny and I it was seeming like a total bust. We hit one estate sale that was strangely smelly and we hit another sale that we had been to twice before. This is the life, right? At one sale we were a little freaked out by this very large shoe-shaped chair.

Very large shoe chair

We also had our second antler sighting of the day. I considered buying some, but when I asked the price on one pair they said $250. WTF?

Garage sale antlers

Jenny mentioned a sale that had started on Friday, but beggars can’t be choosers, so we headed over. When we pulled up we looked down a little alleyway and saw an old rotting ’70s couch – eeew. We sat in the car for a moment thinking about whether we would even go in when an old guy walked up to the car. I rolled down the window and he said “Did you want to know what we have in the sale?” Um, no.

We did get out of the car and it was looking bad. If Karl was there he would have been humming the tune from Deliverance. Jenny turned to me and said “In case we die … it’s been nice knowing you.”

Well, this sale turned out to be so good. I can’t even understand how this stuff sat there for an entire Friday. I purchased two pairs of 1960s Big E Levi’s -– I swear to god. For $2 each! I bought a few other gems, too. We did see a box of panties, which is never good, but overall this was a great sale.

25 cents each, all for $1

Between that sale and the stuff my mom picked up, we did manage to fill up the trunk, but everything was in boxes so a photo would have been pointless. All in all, for a day where we had low expectations it turned out to be not bad at all.

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