This garage sale brought to you by …

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Bargain Hunter — the official board game of garage/yard/moving sales!

Bargain Hunter board game

(Only because there is no board game called “Freaky Treasure Hunt,” which I think would be way more appropriate.)

2 Responses to This garage sale brought to you by …

  1. Lynda says:

    Oh it is a rare day that I click on a link to a blog and find my heart all a’flutter!
    Since our move to Egypt, I miss Garage Sales and thrift stores more than anything else… Not that I ever needed anything, but it is a genetic trait handed down from my Grandpa… we just loved poking about in all that old stuff…

    Haven’t seen a garage sale in over a year…

    Love your blog

  2. says:

    Oh god I’ve played that game!! I forgot all about it!