Adventures in Candle Land

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I had hit some sales on Memorial Weekend, which usually feels like a bust and not many sales with folks going out of town and holding BBQ’s. I had meant to do a quicky post, but instead will share this photo.


I did have a pretty wacky Saturday last weekend. It was the Whittier Heights Neighborhood yard sale.

Whittier Heights sale sign

I have done this sale a few times alone and it’s great in the fact that you don’t need a map or your smart phone. There are enough signs that you can just meander around and find sales.

I felt badly that I purchased something here and she didn’t have any change and then I forgot to go back and pick up the item when I did have change – I remembered the next day. Rats.

Screen and table

I hit a few sales, I think I purchased a book and some work clothing, nothing all that exciting.

Paintball package

I didn’t buy these paintings, but I liked them.

Guitar art

I met this dog at another sale. He was carrying around his own leash and acting like he owed the place.

Doggie at sale

Then I hit this sale filled with dolls and sewing stuff.


I was happy to get some really nice 1930s sewing patterns. I also picked some vintage quilting fabric from the 40s.

$4 portrait

I stopped by the Ballard High Glee club sale (or maybe it was the Drama club) and that turned out to be a bust.

School rummage sale

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that most sales run at schools that kids put on are pretty bad. I don’t need your worn out pants from last year … especially if you haven’t grown out of size 2.

Here is where things start to get a bit more wacky. I stopped at a sale that said entire contents, but it wasn’t listed as an estate sale, but it became clear pretty quickly that it was a full on woman that had passed away. She also hadn’t tossed anything away since 1974. It wasn’t hoarding exactly, but the house was very packed.

Indoor sale

I wasn’t really finding anything … until I found around $85 in a box. This has never happened to me before! The two ladies running the sale seemed very flustered when I gave them the money back.

As I was leaving some guy mentioned that I need to check out “Candle Land.” I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds scary …

This is the first thing that I saw: the Cool-Dana.


Yes, it’s the cool you down bandana. I have no idea when this is from, but “Wow … That’s Cool.”

Right next to that was this Sardine puzzle.

Something fishy

And then the joke that never gets old in my house -– the Norwegian joke!

Caution Norwegian Crossing

You don’t have those in your house? Well, this is Ballard, the home to so many folks from Sweden, Scandinavia and Norway.

And then this — the Dog-O-Matic!


Let me just say that I hadn’t even made it into the basement yet! There were old cosmetics, novelty items, kitchen items, tools. Vintage Geritol from 1971! You get the idea. I snagged a 1960s hammock.

I did not snag this amazing cat toy, but I did remember it from the 1970s.

Kitty toys

Here is what some of “Candle Land” looked like.

Cram-packed garage

Bags and boxes

I found a stack of stuff of storage bins that hadn’t been touched with some great vintage clothing. But sadly, when I found the boxes of shoes they all had dry rot.

Crusty shoes

I did purchase this amazing catalog. I see a book report in my future …

Shopping international

I found one room that was filled with boxes, but no light. And it was sketchy. The whole basement was open, but I pulled a few things out and I just couldn’t deal. NO LIGHT = scary in a crazy basement sale.

I didn’t buy a ton of stuff here, but she had so much that was bordering on time capsule material that it was really great.

Junk In My Trunk 6-1-13

9 Responses to Adventures in Candle Land

  1. gretel stroh says:

    Love your blog!

  2. Hey! I have one of those neck cooler things in a drawer somewhere. No wait. I think there are two of them. I have no idea where they came from, but I think they’ve been here since the ’80’s or ’90’s. And no, I’ve never tried them. Always meant to, though.

    You found money?! Not many people would have given it back. You’re due some good karma.

  3. Mint says:

    Those Cool-Danas are from the 90s. I was prone to getting heatstroke and randomly passing out as a teenager so my mom bought me a bunch of them. Basically they were just those ice packs you keep in a cooler or whatever, but jointed so you can tie them around your neck. Then you slipped them into the fabric sleeve. They were hard as a rock, not very comfortable, and they still sweated so they still got you all wet. But they did save me from certain death a few summers before we got air conditioning. I tied them on my ankles as well as my neck. I’m sure I looked super-cool. And by cool I mean, more likely to get beat up.

  4. Ryan Waelde says:

    Can someone explain the Norwegian crossing sign? It appears he’s in a hurry, but not sure if it’s from a lack of patience or from an urgency to use the bathroom. Is there a systemic national incontinence that requires warning?

  5. meghan says:

    Yeah, I gave her the money back. I can’t go wrecking my yard sale juju.

  6. Im wondering what kind of a box you found the money? Where should I be looking?
    Jar-of-rats like barrel-of-monkeys.

  7. Melissa says:

    Yeah, you are TOTALLY in for a ton of Good Sale Karma for returning that money. May your trunk overflow with blessings.

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  9. candice fusilli says:

    omggg im sooooooooooooooooo looking for that norweigan crossing sign for my god mother.. I cannot find one anywhere 🙁