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Estate sale miscellany

Posted by Meghan in Grab Bag | 4 Comments

A few weeks ago Jenny and hit a couple of estate sales and it wasn’t amazing enough to do a full blog about, but a few things we bumped into seemed worthy of a quick post. One of the estate … Continue reading

Yard sales on TV: so many questions

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 6 Comments

I happened to watch Oprah last week (which is not all that regular of an occurrence!) and it was about this woman who had a serious hoarding problem. She had a huge house that was filled up to a truly … Continue reading

The (fine?) art of thrift stores

Posted by Jenny in Book Report, Grab Bag | 4 Comments

When I think of the phrase “thrift store photos” I usually think of the weird kind of pictures you can sometimes find while thrifting. Here’s one stellar example: (More of that good stuff here.) Of course, “thrift store photos” can … Continue reading

My yard sale heritage

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 8 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy with a bunch of not-at-all-yard-sale-related activities, including an extended Thanksgiving visit to my parents’ house in Berkeley. I’ve mentioned before that they are longtime yard sale aficionados and started me … Continue reading

Bitch-N-Swap: Digging in

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 5 Comments

Meghan and I rode to the Bitch-N-Swap together and after making about five wrong turns trying to get to Leslie’s house, we finally made it there. We told her that she should have had signs up with arrows that just … Continue reading

Bitch-N-Swap: Forbidden Items

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 4 Comments

Last Sunday our pal (and occasional guest star) Leslie hosted one of her regular “Bitch-N-Swap” events. She’s been doing these for a few years and invites all her friends to bring stuff they don’t want and take stuff they do … Continue reading

Fall is here. So are links.

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 2 Comments

Fall is here. Rain is here. Yard sales … well, they’re still here, but not as much, and certainly not as much on my mind. I went to just one sale last weekend and all I bought was a 25-cent … Continue reading

The yard sale catch and release program

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 10 Comments

There was a nice mention of our blog in the comments of this post about online yard sale maps from Metroblogging Portland. (We haven’t tried any of these newfangled mapping dealybobs yet. I keep thinking we should, but I guess … Continue reading