Living up to the hype

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Over the years Jenny and I have seen a ton of exaggeration about how sales are “epic” or “100 years of treasures” or “not to be missed.” Most of the time there is no way to really know that a sale can live up to those titles. This Seattle home did and more.

The original owners built this historic home in 1915 and sold it with many of their original possessions to the current owner’s family in the 1960s. The second owners filled it to the rafters with inherited family items. One of the most the most intact antique homes I have ever seen! Here is a little peek.

Did I mention that the guy was a dentist in like 1940? (Sadly, I missed most of the cool dental stuff.) Clothing, dishes, tools …

… really EVERYTHING.

Here is a video of the insane paintings on at the top of the main stairs.

Along with a few items from the sale. I was so in awe that I didn’t take many pictures. Enjoy!

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