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’60s college hallway hijinks

Posted by Jenny in Score! | 10 Comments

First we had all those ’60s college kegger photos … now let’s see what those crazy WSU kids got up to when they weren’t out drinking in a field! These pictures were taken in what I assume is either a … Continue reading

’60s outdoor college kegger

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A while ago I wrote a post about an estate sale I went to with some pretty cool vintage items, including six small yellow plastic “Picture-Tainer” boxes — each filled with old photos. I usually look at any old photos … Continue reading

Vintage clothing freakout

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales, Score! | 13 Comments

Jenny sent out a group email to me, Leslie, and Karl about a sale where a woman that we knew was selling loads of vintage clothing, all for $3 apiece. At first I thought she was talking about the woman … Continue reading

Babee Tenda!

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Jenny is still organizing our photos from this weekend, but I thought I would do a quicky post about one item that sort of turned into the theme of our sale day. It’s BABEE TENDA! While packing up the car … Continue reading

Drunk people in bunny costumes

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I posted about finding these photos a while ago and I finally scanned them. They were taken at the Tin Hat Bar in Seattle in the late ’60s or early ’70s. Enjoy.


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On Saturday morning, I had a really queasy stomach. I had a root canal earlier in the week and woke up at 3:00 a.m. in pain, so I rolled out of bed and took a pain pill. I forgot that … Continue reading