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Friday grumbling

Posted by Meghan in Grab Bag | 7 Comments

Every week I have been getting excited to hit Friday sales, but then it always seems to start raining. It’s not good when you might have a better time sitting at home doing nothing, right? It’s almost July and we … Continue reading

We got ya sale right here …

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 1 Comment

In the fine tradition of Yard Sard and “Garage” “Sale”, here’s another sale sign with some wonderfully mangled text. Originally posted at Engrish Funny. (Thanks to reader Clay Blackburn for bringing this gem to our attention!)

Freak sauce

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag, Guest Stars | 13 Comments

Our frequent guest star Karl recently told me about a peculiar encounter he had while out doing what record squirrels do. But rather than attempting to recap this story in a normal post, I think I’ll just share our IM … Continue reading

Significant dolphins (and other objects)

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 4 Comments

Yard sale shoppers are often treated to a bit of back story about the objects being sold, which can really be good or bad. Sometimes the owner’s sentimental attachment causes them to price it unreasonably high. Or they might tell … Continue reading

Of moose and man

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 1 Comment

Meghan was out of town last Saturday, and I was all set to go saling with Karl, but then I had to bail at the last minute. Apparently I missed out on a kick-ass rummage sale, where he filled up … Continue reading

The things you find on the street in San Francisco

Posted by Jenny in Field Trip, Grab Bag | 4 Comments

What would you do if you saw this just sitting out on a street corner in San Francisco? Well, if you are a member of my family, you would put aside any concerns that it might be full of mangled … Continue reading

Sale ja vu

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 13 Comments

Sometimes, we go to a yard sale and get the strange sensation that we have been there before. It’s not some metaphysical time travel or past life regression thing. Just the simple fact that when you have been going to … Continue reading

Eyes follow you Jesus

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 8 Comments

It was sunny on Saturday and for the first time this year, there were plenty of sales listed. I finally feel like the season has kicked off (Phinney neighborhood sale rescheduling be damned!). I put a list together and headed … Continue reading