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Things we did and did not purchase

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There really isn’t much to say about last Saturday’s sales. First off, some things we didn’t buy. These were all from the same estate sale, which we hit a half-hour after it started (and were sad to see many cool … Continue reading

Crap we didn’t buy

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We didn’t go to sales last Saturday. It was Thanksgiving weekend, for cryin’ out loud! That’s usually the marker of when we are done with sales for the year. (Although you never know for sure.) But lack of sales does … Continue reading

Bad bad books

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We hit a neighborhood sale last weekend. Meghan’ll be dishing up the full scoop soon, but first I wanted to take a moment to share a small portion of what has to be one of the strangest and most terrifying … Continue reading

Whole lot of “no”

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That’s pretty much what we found out there last Saturday. Not pictured: tons of books left sitting out uncovered while it rained (sad!), and a pair of boots Meghan picked up — when the seller proclaimed “Those have been worn … Continue reading

Baby 4 Sale

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Looks like we weren’t the only people having a sale last weekend. Check out this sign I drove past yesterday! It’s like some unholy combination of two of our pics: this … and this. (Original posts here and here!)

Things we didn’t buy on Saturday

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I don’t think there’s really much more you need to know about our day.

West Seattle tidbits

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I feel like Jenny covered most of what happened last Saturday, but she did leave out a few key West Seattle highlights: All of us talking like robots after Karl made some off-handed comment about the TV show Small Wonder. … Continue reading

Priceless – Make Offer

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Meghan spotted this at a moving sale on her way into work this morning, then called and urged me to go check it out (and get a picture). Eek!