Wild Wild West Seattle

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Sign on car

Last weekend was the event we’d been waiting for: West Seattle Garage Sale Day! This is the fifth year running we have blogged about this neighborhood sale day, which by now is probably the biggest one in town. We got there an hour before the official start time this year and got some delicious baked goods, then headed out to see what was open already.

The first signs we saw were on the main drag.

Come To The Garage Sale

I think this was the first place we hit last year, too. I didn’t remember it being that great, but we stopped to check it out.

Apartment sale

None of us bought anything. They had some okay books, but some of them were priced at ten dollars! If it is selling in the store for $13, you cannot sell it for $10 at your sale — let’s get real.

We turned off the main drag and found a sale that was still setting up, and hadn’t put all their signs out yet.

Bunches of signs

They were letting people look around and I kept thinking I’d find something, but it didn’t happen.

Covered yard sale

We plodded along through a bunch of other sales. Things were really not looking so good for a while …

Large toy giraffe

Eagle candle

Puppy and kitten pic

It didn’t help when we hit the sale where they were playing Grateful Dead music and trying to get rid of a bajillion Jerry Garcia ties.

Oodles of Jerry Garcia ties

Then Karl ran into some guy that he knew and he said there was a sale nearby with records, so we decided to check it out. Sadly, some other dude had already grabbed up many of the more intriguing items.

Nervous Germans

I started flipping through a box … ack! It’s our old pal, Joanie Greggains!

Dog and Joanie

(Yes, that dog was checking out the records too.) She has definitely gone through a few different looks, but she never seems to be without her legwarmers.

I got bored with the records fairly quickly and started looking through other stuff. You know how on our About page we say that thing about “oh my god, I can’t believe that person was trying to sell their used granny panties”?

Used. Granny. Panties.

At this point I had bought like two books and that was it. We veered off into a different neighborhood, getting close to the amazing Korla Pandit sale we hit last time — we looked around for the house, but never found it (I’m guessing it had been demolished and already rebuilt). And naturally we found plenty of new insipid ways to amuse ourselves while we made the rounds. In the past, this has taken the form of talking like robots or using the names of Heart songs as bad puns. This year we covered a lot of bases, singing about Babee Tenda to the tune of the Baby Monkey Riding On A Pig song (which has a nasty habit of getting lodged in one’s head), and somehow starting to say “Yard Sard” with a demented Boston-ish accent, so it sounded like “yaaaaaaaaaaaahd saaaaaaaaaahd.” We also invoked one of our all-time favorite signs, “Nice Quality,” repeatedly saying it in a breathy voice. I think that might have started after we saw this.

Quality Sale!

After a few unremarkable stops we encountered this fantastic sign.

Hershey Says

How could we skip that? When we got there, we found this out front.

Magritte poster

They didn’t have a huge spread … but what they had was fantastic. Tons of art books ranging from fifty cents to five dollars, and a small but pretty rad selection of vintage and new artsy/designerish women’s clothing. Sadly, the shoes were too small for Meghan and I, but we all bought a bunch stuff here … enough that another bank run was going to be necessary. I paid up first and went out to the car, and when Karl and Meghan came back I learned that I had missed out on the actual dog from the sign coming out to make an appearance! Meghan and Karl seemed quite charmed.

High on our yard-sale-score crack, we pulled onto another street where a few sales were happening. When we saw this setup, Karl almost shrieked with delight: “Look, farm fresh eggs!!!”

Golf balls in egg cartons

But no. It was golf balls. Some guy, sitting out in his driveway, selling nothing but golf balls in egg cartons. Nothing else on that street was good either. And then it seemed like we hit another lull.

Books in a box

Hood display

Bags o' Nutrisystem

Lollipop licker

We did find some interesting and odd items … like this box marked “Ammunition For Cannon With Explosive Projectile” and its contents.

Ammunition for cannon

But perhaps the oddest find of the day was this pair of deer heads.

Deer heads

We have seen plenty of antlers before, but a pair of unmounted heads is just strange. Especially when they seem to be staring at you.


We decided it was time for lunch, after stopping at whatever we came across on the way. A few more duds, and then a sale with a bunch of boxed books and magazines. The first one I looked in was this.

Willie Nelson Mother Earth

I did not need to own this, but it made me curious about the rest. Sure enough, we all started digging things out. There were a lot of music books and weird literature, many of them advance reader copies. Karl also found some CDs. And then I ended up with my score of the day: a tall vintage standing lamp with three silver dome shades. When I asked the guy how much it was, he said “Oh, I really love that lamp.” That’s usually bad, right? I was wondering what kind of crazy price he was going to ask for, and then he said “how about ten bucks?” Sold! Meghan also picked up a vintage wool blanket with rainbow stripes. It turned out to be one of the best sales of the day.

After lunch we couldn’t help but make just a few more stops, even pulling into an alley (something we usually are wary of) to hit this sale. They had a lot of art …

Art gallery

Some of it was kitschy and kinda cool.

Black velvet bridge

And then there was this.

Art at yard sale

They also had this amazing condom dispenser cover from some bathroom of yore! Sadly, it was $50.

Love Kit

As we left I noticed this beer can sitting by some candles … yep, it was cold and half-full.

Cold beer and candles

By the time we finally rolled on home, the trunk was full, the back seat was popped open to fit the lamp through, and there were things piled up throughout the car.

Junk In My Trunk 5-13-11 #1

Here’s what it looked like after Karl unloaded his items, just so you can see a bit more …

Junk In My Trunk 5-13-11 #2

We all agreed that overall it didn’t seem quite as bountiful — or as bizarre — as years past. But thanks mostly to a few good sales, we certainly made a haul!

12 Responses to Wild Wild West Seattle

  1. Jessie says:

    I love this blog. It gives me hearty chuckles.

    Just wanted to share that my husband and I have gotten into the habit of pronouncing “estate sale” as if it were Spanish. Ya know — “eh-STAHT-ay SAHL-ay!” Yep.

  2. Sandra says:

    You taunt me with your tales of $10 vintage lamps, but then you don’t show a good picture! Please?

  3. Denise H says:

    The painting of the girl in the spiderweb – ha ha ha! That is quintessential Bellingham college girl art circa 1985 right on the nose. I don’t know how you stay so focused at these giant sales…I’d get overwhelmed/exhausted and would probably do something stupid like buy bags and bags of stale Nutrisystem food!

  4. YaYa says:

    “Meghan also picked up a vintage wool blanket with rainbow stripes.”

    A Hudson Bay?

  5. Dad says:

    I too want a better picture of the lamp!

  6. Erin says:

    I too became excited at the vintage lamp you acquired for only $10.00. But when I saw the pic I realized it was just like the one I had in high school. Does that make me vintage? Arghhhhh…

  7. Meghan says:

    @ Ya Ya,
    I do have a hudson, but from years ago. The classice cream with think stripes. I keeping meaning to use it at some point, but it just sit in a bag in the basement. Maybe it’s waiting for my “dream cabin”
    This a pendleton blanket navy blue color with a band of rainbow. It’s at the cleaners as we speak.

  8. GINA says:

    omg, that condom machine would have been so hard to resist (TG for the huge price tag!)

    LOL! I love your play by play YS adventures!

  9. Jenny says:

    Jessie, “eh-STAHT-ay SAHL-ay” is comedy gold! I have already used it several times.

    You can pretty much get the gist of the lamp in the second trunk shot. That will have to do for you guys (except for my dad, who can check it out next time he visits).

  10. sharon says:

    The display box the books are in (coved patterened) is part of retail display pieces made for Ralph Lauren in the 80’s…. i have a nice one in hunting print from the same people. THAT would have been worth $20.00 to pick up…~le sigh~
    Congrats on the blankets…. i have a thing for those as well.

  11. Chickythingc says:

    Ahhh I just love your blog!!!

  12. Ester says:

    I loved the mag with Willie on the cover. I absolutely would have HAD to have it 🙂