West Seattle tidbits

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I feel like Jenny covered most of what happened last Saturday, but she did leave out a few key West Seattle highlights:

  1. All of us talking like robots after Karl made some off-handed comment about the TV show Small Wonder. Something that was just a blip in my world, but it’s not very often that you can get 3 people in a car to all talk like robots for no reason. Everything from driving directions to various insults and obscenities … all said in monotone robotic voices for about 30 minutes.
  2. Me telling the guy with the “no smoking” sign that I planned on blocking his driveway and smoking.
  3. This Quiet Riot and UFO double DVD was from my friend’s sale, and we had been making fun of it and many other items at his sale until I figured out that I knew him. I guess my snarky comments are bound to come back and bite me in the ass sooner or later, right?

    Unwanted yard sale DVD

  4. Me requesting that the pirate guy only speak to me in Somalian.

She didn’t lie about the yummy food we had, or all the oddball items that we saw including really ugly furniture, an amazing telephone cord holder and … I think these pictures speak for themselves.

50 Foot Telephone Cord Reel

Plastic Bottle Fun

25 cents each


Free to Good Home :)

Customized Dresser


The Free Box

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