Lobsters, ladies, and lettering

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A couple of Fridays ago I met Karl to hit part two of an estate sale that I’d missed the first time around (it was the one where Meghan and Karl spent a half hour waiting in the rain, before I met up with them to hit that hoarder sale).
Estate Sale Here

For already having been open one weekend, there was still a ton of stuff there. I decided to hit the basement first. These ladies and birds greeted me as I made my way downstairs.

Estate sale nudes

The basement had a little of everything.

Electric Vibrator

I admired these figurines, but I was sort of afraid that if I bought one, it might come to life and haunt me in my sleep.


I ducked around a corner into a small bathroom. Not sure whether the sellers put this bra here or if some shopper thought it deserved a place of honor.

Bra under lights

Also hanging in the bathroom: a ton of wacky costumes.

Bright shiny costumes

Another room had a ton of books. Lots of art books, foreign language literature, travel guides, textbooks … and a few oddball publications, like the Basic Knee Reader by “Gypsy Rose Knee.”

Gypsy Rose Knee Reader

I do not want to read anyone’s knees, and I definitely don’t want anyone reading my knees, but for a moment and considered buying this just on the basis of it being so darn odd. In the end, I passed.

There was another room in the basement with a ton of different stuff on the walls, mostly Native American art pieces or souvenirs from world travels. Every inch of wall was filled and a few pieces were spread around on furniture.

Wall hangings on couch

I went upstairs and found a room filled with art projects and other design-y stuff. These fashion gals were fantastic, but they weren’t cheap!

Fashion Ladies

It turned out that one of the occupants had been a graphic designer. There were a number of projects around – logo designs, sketches, and mock layouts, some framed or mounted on mat board. I found two large boards near the bathroom, each with four cut-outs showing lettering samples, hand-drawn phrases in different typefaces and styles. The phrases on them cracked me up — “To Hell And Back,” “Where To Go In Portland,” “No Cigarette Hangover Tomorrow.” I didn’t see a price but figured I’d ask how much they were.

Also in the bathroom were a few vintage beach towels — I don’t know why I keep buying these, but I could not pass up the extra-huge one with a lobster on it!

The last stop before heading to the checkout area was a quick tour of the kitchen. These cookie jars frightened me.

Creepy cookie jars

There was a line to pay, so Karl and I killed some time flipping through an amazing 1950s program from the “Madame Arthur” drag show in Paris. It was super cool, but priced at $32 — we both considered it, but couldn’t quite pay that much. Which was good, since my wacky word boards were priced at $20 each! (I’d missed the pencil writing on the back.) By the time I found out, I was already too in love with them to leave them behind. Luckily the sellers cut me a little bit of a deal on the pair.

Karl bought a few things too, but this trunk shot is all mine …

Junk In My Trunk 4-29-11

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  1. fsk says:

    holy moly super radness!!!

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  3. Now that you’ve told me there’s such a thing as knee reading, I believe I have some theories of my own. I’d have had to buy that book. LOL

  4. Ester says:

    That elephant is creepy as hell, but I might have had to snatch up the own cookie jar!