Babee Tenda!

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Jenny is still organizing our photos from this weekend, but I thought I would do a quicky post about one item that sort of turned into the theme of our sale day. It’s BABEE TENDA!

While packing up the car after a really amazing sale I noticed a sign on the side of what they were using as their cashier table: “Babee Tenda – $5.” All I could think was WTF is that?!?!?

It's not just a table ...

It looked like a normal small kids table, but as soon as you lift the green table top up you see it has an alphabet and animals. The main part of the table opens and becomes a seat.

The Babee Tenda revealed

You can see it in action in this old ad (with great commentary) over at Do What Now. Apparently one of the guys having the sale used to get put into this contraption as a youth. I had to snag it. The graphics on it are awesome.

Babee Tenda corner

Of course we felt the need to say BABEE TENDA about 50 more times thoughout the day.

They still make them.

10 Responses to Babee Tenda!

  1. That is a super score. 5 bucks! I’m not even in on the joke but you can bet I’m going to drop, “babee tenda” into conversation about 10 times today alone.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You made a steal!! This looks like a vintage one. I am getting ready to sell ours, it was around 350.00 ten years ago :). It is an amazing table…..

  3. thorn says:

    this thing looks frighteningly familiar, but i cannot think why. i don’t believe i ever had one myself, but those labeled pictures.. “house”.. “airplane”.. “ship”.. “car”… they’re somehow burned into my brain.

  4. lisa says:

    i have an original 1948 manual to that! do you want it? it’s pretty hilarious and has a whole section on the “crotch strap.”

    i live in seattle too…

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  6. Santa Kelly says:

    I used this table for my daughter in 1960. It was borrowed from a friend, who used it for two of her children and then took it back for a third. I don’t know the price of it new the concept was great. You are luck to find it.

  7. Sheryl says:

    What would you sell it for?? I just bought a vintage one at a yard sell for 25.00, this is really neat to me. Mine has the chalk board too and the folding chair to go with it

  8. Meghan says:

    not really planning on selling it. I like it 🙂

  9. marie says:

    great buy……wonderful all purpose table!!
    I grew up in one and during the family reunions~~a fight for who’s first would be heard year after year. (till you grew out of it)
    fold it down and it makes a sturdy top to stand your Christmas tree on.
    I had to buy one (much more than $5.) for my new grandson. Safest table I’ve ever seen for the little ones!

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