Rainy Phinney

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Sale in the rain

Phinney Ridge Garage Sale Day started out with a drizzly dull thud, since many of its 100 signed-up participants didn’t even have a sale –- we wouldn’t have either. It was cruddy for the first 4 hours of the sale. Then again, it was the day of the rapture, so maybe some folks had some other ideas planned for their last day of earth.

Since we had been to this neighborhood sale in the snow one year I felt like it was sort of hard to bitch, since it wasn’t sleeting. Honestly, the idea of coming here with less sales was sort of good, since the streets are usually so packed. This year I was able to get my car down with the tiny streets in record time.

Hey, sellers! Let me go back to a 2008 post and give you this gentle reminder of items that you just shouldn’t sell at your sale:

Each time we go to sales we learn new (and sometimes “interesting”) things about people at sales. For instance, we identified the top 3 things not to have at a yard sale:

  1. hair highlighting kit
  2. chili
  3. maxi-pads

Let me stress that all of these were at the same sale.

One of our first sales had chili, and a whole bag of hair highlighting kits. When I asked the woman if I could take a photo of her chili she opened the lid for a photo-op.

Yard sale chili

I yelled across the street to Jenny “hey, they have chili AND hair highlighting kits” — it seemed like she didn’t know what I was talking about for a moment, then my golden rule dawned on her. The woman asked me why this was funny and I made up some stupid story that made no sense, but she didn’t seem to notice.

Then at the next sale, what was one of the first things we saw?

Yard sale Kotex

Yeah, Kotex pads. Honestly ladies, what is wrong with you?!?!

This was an everything is free sale, or in this case please donate to build wells in Uganda.

Everything is Free

It was pretty good if you wanted books and both Jenny and I lost all reasoning and I grabbed more books that have no space on any shelf. We both felt good about our donation.

After making the rounds here for so many years we ‘ve become pretty familiar with some of the regular sales. One woman always has a sale in her garage with a lot of vintage items — I think she must have had a store at some point.

Dolls in a suitcase

Her prices are good and I almost always find something at her sales. I picked up a few pieces of clothing this time around.

We drove on and at one point Jenny pointed at the side of the road at something she thought might be a sale.

Pause. Rest. Reflect.

Um, yeah … what the hell?

Sadly, Karl wasn’t with us, since soon after that we found three crates of records, most of them ’60s and ’70s country records.

I Come Home A Drinkin'

Grandma likes Jerry Lee Lewis

We both picked up a few things and also made fun of some of the more silly covers.

Oddball records

I did get a nice George Jones LP.

A few stops later we found an amazing embroidered Zodiac Clock – what’s not to love?!

Embroidered zodiac clock

At another sale I found two pairs of vintage mens’ cowboy boots priced at $2 each! I snagged those, but passed on their large troll collection.

Too many trolls

Jenny looked a little closer and found this oddity.

Bondage Troll

We made some more rounds, but most of the stuff was just bad.

Bad cassettes

Used paint


Idiot's Guide to Wicca

"Cool" "doggie" mailbox

Pathetic free pile

At a certain point I started to feel like we had been driving in circles, which we had been, but even more it seemed like we kept driving down the same block three or four times. Then when we hit the other side of Phinney we saw a total of five sales.

Humongous Garage Sale!

After that we headed into Ballard, passing this sign on the way — we had to laugh. Who is Hugh?

Hugh Garage Sale

We hit an estate sale where the house really grossed me out, even though it wasn’t the worst sale we have been to. It had a lingering smell. I think the big pile of crap out back gives you a pretty good idea.

Basement entrance

Once we left I told Jenny I needed a Unicorn Chaser STAT. That of course wasn’t in the cards… we did hit a few non-magical sales, one of which really seemed more like someone trying to run a vintage store out of their living room.

Living room vintage store

Three typewriters

After a couple more sales we both thought it was time to go home. All in all, I think we did all right.

Junk In My Trunk 5-21-11

10 Responses to Rainy Phinney

  1. quichepup says:

    Poor C.S. Lewis, no wonder he’s looking the other way. I don’t blame him.

  2. I think you have the most hilarious blog on the internet. The photos and captions are priceless. I love the Kotex photo – I guess anything is fair game at a garage sale – Kotex AND chili? Really???? Keep us laughing this garage sale season!!

  3. Queenmum says:

    You are so funny and I love your blog!! I would love to shop with you guys!! Sometimes I want to scream…wait…I want that!!!!!!! Sometimes I want to scream..are you kidding me???…and more often than not I am literally screaming with laughter!!! Keep up the good work !! Truth is stranger than fiction…and boy don’t you know that!! By the way…what’s your favourite find yet from a sale??What would you like to find? Other than something valuable? Thanks!!

  4. Meghan says:

    My favorite thing i have ever found is a 1930s kids toy of a little boy in a bunny suit. It’s really of no value, but I love it. I don’t even collect toys.

  5. silver says:

    Captivating post as always – but sometimes I get frightened by the sheer weight of numbers of things which should probably never have been made in the first place, should never have been purchased new, should never have been kept for decades, should never be offered for sale second-hand, will never sell, and therefore will keep making an annual appearance at yard sales, every year looking slightly tattier . . . or perhaps will sadden the shelves of a local thrift store . . . why do so many people not realise that some stuff would only be forgivable as landfill? Actually throwing away something hideous can be so liberating! Sometimes it’s not subjective – one man’s trash is another man’s trash too.

  6. Pat says:

    Hugh lives at the bottom of my street. Every year he tries to sell himself, or perhaps Hugh, Jr, with a sign that just says “Hugh Sale —–>”. They re-use the sign again and again.

    I’m having a yard sale next Saturday; I wish you all could come but I guess flying back east is a tad far for little craps. I would love to meet you, though! You guys are hilarious.

  7. Howard M Beers says:

    “That garage sale was freakin’ HUGH!!! It was almost as HUGH as that Yard Sard we went to last year!”

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