Whole lot of “no”

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That’s pretty much what we found out there last Saturday.

Welcome to my yard sale

Soup on tarp

The Baby Boomer Retirement Game

Old Mac

Unwanted band photos

It would be groovy

Holy water, blessed dirt


Not pictured: tons of books left sitting out uncovered while it rained (sad!), and a pair of boots Meghan picked up — when the seller proclaimed “Those have been worn at Burning Man!” she dropped ’em like two hot potatoes.

We did find some good stuff here and there … or should I say, Meghan and Karl did. As for me, let me quote the recently closed-for-business Yard Sale Addict and say: “I bought nothing.”

Junk In My Trunk 7-19-10

Tune in next week, when we’ll hope to have a better report!

7 Responses to Whole lot of “no”

  1. Krista says:

    Wow…those dolls are terrifying!! I can’t stop looking. I am not sure what is worse the mouths or the eyes lol….Definitely the mouths!

    Your posts are always the highlights of my day at work….love them 🙂

  2. Karen in Tacoma says:

    I hope you didn’t pass up the holy water, but that you were groovy enough to not take the fire wood 😉

  3. Meghan says:

    you mean HOLY WATER 2007… Does it go bad?

  4. Julia Woolley says:

    I must tell you that receiving your blog updates in my email box every week is like finding that treasure in the middle of the junk box at the Friday garge sales. Keep up the good work!

  5. Linda says:

    Those dolls look like they’re doing tmj exercises. Freaky. There’s a whole line of similar open mouthed christmas carolers which my husband has coined “The Monica Lewinsky Collection”.

  6. I would have bought the blessed dirt. Assuming it was cheap.

  7. Tom Zarrilli says:

    Holy Chimayo dirt, that stuff is great for a hangover.