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A Saturday alone

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Jenny and Karl were both busy on Saturday. I hadn’t hit sales without them in a while and it’s honestly a bit less entertaining. But we have had so much rain and when Saturday was super nice, I couldn’t not … Continue reading

Rainy Phinney

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Phinney Ridge Garage Sale Day started out with a drizzly dull thud, since many of its 100 signed-up participants didn’t even have a sale –- we wouldn’t have either. It was cruddy for the first 4 hours of the sale. … Continue reading

Janks for the memories

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Seems like forever since we did an update? Oddly enough, we haven’t all been together on a sale day for well over a month. The rain seems to have passed, the annual neighborhood sales are getting closer — West Seattle … Continue reading

Garage sales down under

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My husband and I spent about 15 days in Australia for our honeymoon. I thought maybe we would go thrifting or something, but 9 days in we hadn’t done much but eat and walk on the beach. When we arrived … Continue reading

Owls and dogs

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I am doomed when I make a comment like “sometimes the blog writes itself,” and in the case of this day, it really does. With that said … one of us still needs to actually write it. Sometimes that can … Continue reading

Cattastic Cattitude

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We have mentioned this before, but some days end up having a theme. I have no idea how or why, but in the case of the weekend before last, it happened again. (Oh, yeah. I was unable to get off … Continue reading

Dude, where’s my canoe?

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On Friday I planned to work super early, so I could first hit what was listed as a packed Estate Sale, but turned out to be a massive hoarder sale. Sometime you can piece together what happened in a house … Continue reading

Have a nice forever

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Friday I wasn’t planning on hitting any sales. Blasphemy, I know, but I had too much to do. Then I drove by a sign that said “Estate Sale. Antiques.” That can be bad, but I thought I’d at least drive … Continue reading