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We have mentioned this before, but some days end up having a theme. I have no idea how or why, but in the case of the weekend before last, it happened again. (Oh, yeah. I was unable to get off my lazy butt to blog in the last two weeks… yeah, it says a whole lot about me.) Karl drove all the way across town to hit these three sales with us. Poor guy.

The first sale was in a two-bedroom apartment about five minutes from my house. Jenny mentioned that her ad was full of exclamation points and “LOL”s, which didn’t seem like a good sign. The first thing we see is these leftovers from Halloween outside her front door. We should have listened, but NO …


Really it wasn’t that bad … if I wanted everything to be from the sale area at Ross Dress For Less.

Bony hoodie and other items

I whispered something to Jenny about how all the clothing was in rainbow organization. Classy.

Color coordination

Speaking of classy, how about this poster? Why would you have this in your house?

Justa like Cheekin

In the same room we spotted this pillow. We decided it was time to high-tail it out of there.

Life without cats...

After getting a baked good and working out which of the remaining two sales to hit first (no, really, three sales for the whole day) we settled on this sort of unremarkable estate sale. The house had a sauna, that was sort of cool.

In-home sauna

In the basement we found these two really great paintings of the same woman.

Groovy clock and portrait

Here comes the bride

Overall it was just sort of OK. They did have some cat stuff, as did the first sale–but not until we hit the Cat-Sale-Motherlode did it all sort of click.

Before we could get in, we had to wait for a very long time. We must have been about 40th in line when we arrived.

Waiting to get in

A guy walked out with some tools and Karl said “Hey, look at the hoe” — this is what we do to amuse ourselves.

Finally we got close to the porch. We entertained ourselves by digging through the free pile. It wasn’t good.

The always-questionable "free stuff" pile

We had been waiting for so long that when I saw one of the guys working the sale come out, I just point blank said “Monty, I have been here for a very long time and I need to use the bathroom.” He said there was one downstairs I could use. Karl made some crack about there being a jar in the basement, then Monty chimed in about setting up a video camera. Nice! It turned out to be a perfectly normal bathroom.

When I got back up to the front door he let all of us come in and shop. Please note the really great sign about them “keeping the velvet coat.”

Keeping the long black velvet coat

The house was very nice and there was a spectacular view, but this is when it turned into crazy cat stuff. EVERYWHERE. Everything from tiger-themed door stops (really a cloth-covered brick) …

Tiger door stopper

… to cat jewelry and cat posters and cat mugs, even a couple of boxes of used cat toys.

Cat Toys

There were also a TON of cat books.

Books about cats

If it was about cats … they had it.

Why Cats Paint

My favorite discovery was “The Fur Person” (from 1957) by May Sarton.

The Fur Person

I was so amazed by this book that I felt the need to look her up. I guess people love this writer. Go figure. This is not an invitation to comment about how much you love this book — go get a Good Reads account and post it there. Really…

They did have some non-cat-related items, like these wacky Spider Earrings.

Spider earrings!

Karl and I each purchased a few items here — those and a couple more things from the other estate sale probably aren’t really worth a trunk shot, but we took one anyway.

Junk In My Trunk 1-22-11

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