Garage sales down under

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My husband and I spent about 15 days in Australia for our honeymoon. I thought maybe we would go thrifting or something, but 9 days in we hadn’t done much but eat and walk on the beach.

When we arrived at our friends house in Lennox Head, NSW, their entire place was a tiki shrine and they told us about some of their scores around the area. They mentioned that usually they don’t get many sales, but if I wanted to get up early and hit some sales they would drive us around.

Garage sale sign among the palms

One thing I did think was cool was their local weekend paper listed all the garage sales, then they created a check list that you could rip out and work out what you wanted to hit.

Garage diggers

They don’t have many. All told we hit four sales, including a Masonic Hall rummage sale.

Masonic Garage Sale

Rummage and plant sale

It was all pretty normal, with the exception of this sale where they had wall to wall carpet inside the garage!

Perusing the goods

I have seen folks slap down some nasty carpet remnants, but professional carpet in the garage… that’s a new one.

I would love to tell you about the bounty, but how do you get stuff home with the new weight restrictions on the plane? Or packing … In the end, all I purchased was a magazine for 50 cents for the plane ride home — seemed like a good saving with most magazines running around $8.

4 Responses to Garage sales down under

  1. Naomi Corbett says:

    The garage sales on the NSW North Coast just ain’t what they used to be – probably because Brett and Jenny mined the whole area years ago when they were furnishing El Rancho Relaxo..which is what we call their house! Jenny told me about your blog when they came to stay with us this weekend – I’m an avid garage-saler and a lover of all things tacky so I’m very excited to read your stuff. Sorry we didn’t meet you guys when you were in Brisbane! Naomi x

  2. Meghan says:

    I was sooo much more into the scenery that not buying stuff was no big deal.
    Now it needs to stop raining here, so we can hit some sales in Seattle!!!

  3. brett says:

    hey meghan – we live in Lennox Head (not SW Rocks) – was great to see you over here and look forward to hangin out at Gonerfest later in the year
    Brett xx

  4. Meghan says:

    @ Brett, hmmm… I *know* that… I will blame that on addled no sleep brain and fix it as soon as possible. Sorry, it’s the most boring post ta’boot.
    See you in Sept?