A Saturday alone

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Neighborhood yard sale

Jenny and Karl were both busy on Saturday. I hadn’t hit sales without them in a while and it’s honestly a bit less entertaining. But we have had so much rain and when Saturday was super nice, I couldn’t not go. I had seen a few listings for the Whittier Heights sale, so I thought instead of looking up addresses, I would drive up and down the streets within the 50 family sale.

50 Families

The first sale didn’t have anything priced, everything was still in boxes and they had old paint. Let me just stop here for a moment and say to sellers – NO ONE WANTS YOUR OLD PAINT. Maybe read up on how to deal with your 50 cans of crappy old paint.

Junk and paint

Then as I was leaving I saw this car out front. EEEEK!

Car full of junk

That is too much hoarding action for your car. If you are living with this much crap in your car, maybe you should have a little yard sale.

I drove around the neighborhood to see what they had to offer.

Wooden yard sale sign


Terrifying cat dolls

Artie and Hulk

I hit a very strange craft sale that had a child sized pizza costume.

Pizza Costume $3.00

Maybe because Karl wasn’t with me I scored on the LPs and even picked up almost the entire Fat Possum catalog on CD at one sale. This really doesn’t happen to me even though I collect records, I usually leave that stuff for Karl and he lets me have all the vintage clothing. This works out well, otherwise we bicker at sales and people think we are married.

Sadly, at 11:30 I had to knock off for an all day work meeting.

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