Vintage clothing freakout

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Jenny sent out a group email to me, Leslie, and Karl about a sale where a woman that we knew was selling loads of vintage clothing, all for $3 apiece. At first I thought she was talking about the woman that has irritated me twice at her sales (along with her husband managing to irritate me too). Not excited. Jenny tried to soothe my nerves by explaining who it was. Then I thought it was the woman from the first sale last week that had tons of vintage. I didn’t find much last week, why would I care if the leftovers were all $3? Still not excited.

We met at my house at 8:15 on Saturday and headed to the sale. As soon as Jenny told me the address I knew who the woman was. I never seem to remember her name, but she has come to our sales and we have gone to her sales over the years. When we see her at sales she is always cool.

Her ad said it would be over 1000 pieces ranging from the ’20s on up, and sure enough … OMG doesn’t even cover it.

Big ol' rack of vintage clothes

The sale was about 10 blocks from my house — a good thing, since we could barely get the trunk closed when we were done. We all bought so much stuff! Everything was $3 — all logic went out the window. We did get there before any wacko-pickers and I am not sure if it even would have mattered, since there was so much stuff. Some of it was really amazing and I’m sure there was more stuff we didn’t even unearth.

Vintage clothes sale with boxes and boxes

Why did she have this much stuff? Well, we have seen her at sales for years and I guess she was getting out of the vintage clothing biz. Her man seemed very excited about the extra room in their house being free of clothing.

Boxes and rack of vintage clothes

The box that I purchased was so big that it had to be forceably pushed into the trunk. The photo below only shows me and Jenny’s hauls … Karl and Leslie had another box each that they just had to set on their laps for the ride home.

Junk In My Trunk 9-6-08 #1

It was the first time we have filled the whole car on the very first sale and needed to go home to unload. (We did hit a bunch more sales, Jenny will fill you in on those later.)

My best score is a crazy bathing suit that fits me perfect. Sadly, I found a black velvet formal that was too tight and I wanted to cry a little.

This was a complete sale high!

13 Responses to Vintage clothing freakout

  1. I think I had that dream once…

  2. fuzzylizzie says:

    Goodness! It looks like a vintage clothing store right there on the street! Every vintage lover’s dream come true. Lizzie

  3. kristen says:

    so, so, so jealous.

  4. I love vintage clothing and I love the rush you get from finding a whole stash of it. Just yesterday I must obtained a half dozen 60s and 70s dresses from the crappy thrift store near my campus. All for 4.94 and under.

    Sounds like you you had a good run. But we’ve got to either see the clothing modeled on you or on the dress maker’s dummy of your choice. 😛

  5. Meghan says:

    I did get some great dresses (THAT FIT) and a new vintage bathing suit and that is priceless…

  6. sharie says:

    Looks and sounds as if you have had a great time at this sale. It is rare to find any vintage clothing outside a specialist shop around here so I guess I don’t really iknow what I am missing – probably a good job else I would pine.
    Have to admit that you are right in saying you get on a High after finding good sale, trouble is you can get withdrawl symptoms as well!

  7. Timi says:

    How fun! I’m going to have to start venturing out of the burbs for better sales! Have been watching your blog and following your adventures. First time commenter today.
    Love the blog

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  9. Daisy says:

    Oh, How I would have loved to of gone to this yard sale. I am a complete yard sale/flea market junkie. Love your blog. It’s great! Daisy~

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  12. calamityjem says:

    Hi there,
    Newbie to your blog & I must say it’s a really riveting read!
    I live in London and over here we haven’t really got yard sales, our closest equivalent would be a car boot- or jumble sale.
    The best thing that has ever happened to me, vintage clothing wise, was when I fortuitously met a woman who had been hoarding vintage clothing for years and was desperate to get rid of it…she sold me fourteen bagfuls for £150 🙂
    I was that selling stuff on eBay for years & I still have loads left of it and as for the £150, I think I can safely say that I have made that back several times over.
    Now that I’ve found your blog, I’ll definitely be back for more, in fact I can see myself developing a bit of an addiction 😉
    It’s so much fun seeing what you guys manage to unearth & amass.

  13. Meghan says:

    Glad you found us.
    Finding someone that has collected stuff for years and being to get a good deal always feels great.