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On Saturday morning, I had a really queasy stomach. I had a root canal earlier in the week and woke up at 3:00 a.m. in pain, so I rolled out of bed and took a pain pill. I forgot that you can’t take pain pills on an empty stomach, so in the morning I was in agony.

Being the yard sale trooper that I am, I thought that I could work through it. I drove to a sale that started at 8:30 and when I pulled up I thought I might get sick, but I turned off the ignition and just stopped to get some fresh air. The sale was a total bust, but I was proud of myself for keeping my composure. I was able to get about 15 blocks before I had to pull into a parking lot and get sick out my car door. I was really embarrassed.

I was feeling pretty defeated and I headed home for a day of TV and the couch. I washed up, drank some water, and after an hour was feeling good enough to give it another try.

I hit a couple of sales, but I didn’t buy anything and I wasn’t feeling very good. Then I saw a sign for a block sale. Most of the sales on the block had family items, baby clothes, toys. I was thinking that I should just go home.

Then I saw a box of new Aveda products and I started grabbing stuff before even asking the price. I had my hands filled to the point of not being able to hold anymore. I spotted another box of large size Aveda hair products. A few other shoppers had started to grab stuff and in my weakened state I wasn’t very pushy. All small items were $1 and all large ones $2. I filled one box, then started in on another box. The woman owned a salon and didn’t want to carry the Aveda line anymore.

Most of the items still had price tags with the original boxes. I ended up spending a little over $50. I think you can see from the photo that I got a screaming deal.

Aveda Frenzy Yard Sale Purchase

I went home happy.

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