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Fabulous but true tales of life in yard sale land.

Goth art and chili cook-offs

Posted by Jenny in Sale Tales | 3 Comments

We only hit a few sales last weekend and for a while I didn’t even think there would be enough for a blog post. The first two were too boring to even mention. The next was something listed as a … Continue reading

267 rabbit pelts … and snow

Posted by Jenny in Sale Tales | 6 Comments

Meghan forwarded me an email for an estate sale that listed a pretty typical mix of stuff: tools, antiques, furniture, jewelry … and “267 rabbit pelts in good condition.” That’s right, 267. Someone counted. So naturally, we decided to check … Continue reading

(Le) Creuset for a bruisin’

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 17 Comments

It’s been cold and drizzly. Not as cold as the East Coast, but enough to make you re-think going to yard sales. Unless you are a diehard or just really dumb, you are probably staying warm in your bed on … Continue reading

Not for the faint of heart

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 7 Comments

Meghan was out of town last weekend and as a result, she wasn’t there for what turned out to be a very bizarre day of sales for me and Karl. Our first stop was listed as “Kind of a digger … Continue reading

Scary time of year

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 5 Comments

My parents were in town last weekend and my mom came to sales with me and Meghan as our special guest star. I’ve been to yard sales with my mom many a time, but I think this is the first … Continue reading

Friday sales on a Saturday that are Hugh

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 13 Comments

It’s starting to get a little more rainy, overall more spotty weatherwise –- in just a couple of weeks it’s started feeling like Autumn. Jenny said she wanted to take her daughter to the fair this weekend on whichever day … Continue reading

Some really hot hot pants

Posted by Jenny in Sale Tales | 10 Comments

On Friday afternoon I hit an estate sale near my house. While I love our frenzied Saturday routine of getting in as many sales as we can, there is also something to be said for having just one stop to … Continue reading

Smells like tinkle

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 8 Comments

Meghan and I attempted to make an early start on Saturday, but there wasn’t much to hit early. Perhaps that was because it looked like it could rain at any time. We made a couple of stops and hit the … Continue reading