(Le) Creuset for a bruisin’

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It’s been cold and drizzly. Not as cold as the East Coast, but enough to make you re-think going to yard sales. Unless you are a diehard or just really dumb, you are probably staying warm in your bed on a Saturday or maybe you are hitting some thrift stores. Not us –- we hit a whopping four rainy-day sales.

Karl and Jenny both came over and we pretty much just talked about what the sales might be like, trying to figure out which ones happened on Friday and whether Karl had hit them the day before. In the end we decided to hit our usual cafe for a baked good first. This led to a 10-minute conversation about them “phoning it in” these days, as far as the pastries go. Long story short -– we had very little faith in the sales even being half good.

Well, the first sale was intense. I don’t really know another way to put it. It was an estate sale in the garage and basement, filled with really old, really weird stuff.

Dolly shelf

Game Fish Cyclopedia

Mah jong tiles

By the time I went back to take photos people had really started to clean it out, but you can still sort of get the idea.

Shelf of estate sale goodies

Two odd products

Vases and planters

There was also a huge free pile out front.

Ginormous free pile

I don’t feel like I really can do the sale justice, but I picked up five 1920s vintage dresses, 3 1930s purses (2 arts and crafts style and one crocodile) and a ton of odds and ends. Karl picked up a large Le Creuset paella pan for $10, some other dishes, some vintage t-shirts, and a large stuffed crow (fake, but looks real). Jenny grabbed this crazy anatomy fold-out booklet poster thing from like the 1940s. I wasn’t paying that much attention because honestly, I really just needed to deal with what I had grabbed, Jenny even had to help me carry it all out. One woman told me she had filled her entire car with stuff. In the end I had spent $130. Ouch! I never spend that much at one sale.

The next sale we hit was what was advertised as a “mini estate sale” – whatever the hell that is.

Mini Estate Sale

They had all right stuff, but it felt like grandma had been sent to a home, so why not just dump everything on the floor and don’t price anything. That just made it feel really messy and like a yard sale tornado had hit it.

Bunch of junk

Cushions a-plenty

The kitchen was a little less chaotic, since they had just left most things on the shelves.

Household goods

For some reason they had about five of this item — a dog dish? It was very strange.

Faceless woman holding dog dish

I kept thinking I would find something, but it just seemed like a huge dud. Then I spotted a nice black medium Le Creuset cast iron pot with a lid, a frying pan, and then another smaller non-marked frying pan. I picked them all up and went to pay for them. The high school aged daughter said $7 for all. WTF, REALLY? I had a $10 bill in her hand before she could change her mind. Karl was standing behind me trying to purchase a walkman from the ’80s and this is when things started to get strange. All of a sudden I have a woman pretty aggressively telling me that those are her pans. Um, what?

Her: Those are my pans.
Me: I just purchased them.
Her: But those are mine.
Me: But I just paid for them. I saw them on the floor, I picked them up and now I have purchased them.
Her: I told your husband that those are MY PANS.
Me: Um, that is not my husband.
Her: Those are my pans!!!

I never raised my voice even when the woman was getting really loud about “her pans” — I explained what happened and even said “this isn’t worth getting so upset over and there is no need to yell at me.” Then the mother of the girl who sold me the pans comes up and wants to know what is going on. The woman was still getting upset, “I guess you have to hold onto whatever you want at this sale and I guess you can’t just leave stuff on the floor that you plan to buy” – well, yeah. That is every single sale I have ever been to, if you want something hold onto it or it probably won’t be there. The mother then asked her daughter how much she had charged me for the pans and started yelling at her that she should have charged me at least $5 each. Still a steal as far as I’m concerned, so I gave her the rest of the $15 and high-tailed it out of there. Jenny was outside and missed the whole thing, but Karl explained that he had tried to grab them a few moments earlier, and was told that she was buying them. I never heard any of that, but I guess it explains why she felt that she “told my husband.” It was one of the most aggressive conversations I have had at a sale and I can’t remember the last time someone yelled at me at a sale. But as far as I’m concerned, $5 Le Creuset is worth getting into a squabble over.

Our next stop was a country club sale. I have been to a few sales here, but it’s a mixed bag and this woman didn’t know what the heck she was doing and she wanted to have a long conversation every time we asked her about a price. She had nice stuff, but nothing amazing.

Country Club sale sign

Then we hit one last sale on the way home that I honestly don’t remember.

Nearly everything in the trunk was from that first estate sale …

Junk In My Trunk 10-29-11

17 Responses to (Le) Creuset for a bruisin’

  1. Mary says:

    The pics from the first sale made my heart go pitter patter!! Not many sales like that around here any more.

  2. georgie says:

    One can always hope the yelling lady had some interaction with obnoxious jewelry guy.

  3. That is why the estate sales I go to ahve a hold area for items. It can get bloody sometimes! I went to a yard sale of a dealer that had closed her shop and was getting reid of the rest. I picked up a baggie filled with jewelry and she snatched it out of my hand and told me nastily it was “not for sale!” I asked then “why did you have it on the table among all the other items that are for sale?”
    I then bought the coach purse and the two hankies I had in my hand and left. She tried to give me a bag and I said to throw it in the coach bag. When I got home later and was unpacking I found that bag she snatched out of my hand in my Coach bag I bought from her. I contemplated taking it back, but it was one of those sale I happened upon and knew I would never find it again. I found the original sale on Craig’s List so watched it for a bit to see if she might accuse me of stealing on Craig’s List, but nothing. So I felt then it was mine. Just goes to show it always pays to be nice!

  4. Abbie Grotke says:

    I must see picts of Jenny’s anatomy find from the first sale – is that it in the trunk? Swoon!

  5. Brooke says:

    There are new crazies every year. There was a horribly insane and childish woman up north for a while that would walk into sales and basically say that everything was hers until she had looked at it closely. And people were humoring her! You’d look at a case full of stuff and she’d say, “that’s all mine. I’m buying everything in that case.” Ugh. I really want to stab her with the antique shank I bought at Lakeside made from a shaved-down butter knife.

  6. Meghan says:

    you can’t hold everything in the whole sale… I mean come on!!!

  7. Melissa says:

    Ms. Those-Are-My-Pans was lucky you are the calm, non-combative type. I would probably have crowned her with the LeCreuset.

    Please tell me that one of you bought that Pee-Wee Herman doll!

  8. jennifer says:

    please oh please oh please post pictures of those vintage ’20s dresses!!! my jaw hit the floor when i read about those. i live in la and never come across vintage clothing that old at estate/yard sales.

  9. meghan says:

    We don’t repost stuff that we purchased. I know that many blogs to that, but we are more about the odd stuff at sales or what happened at the sales.

  10. Jana says:

    I was working at an estate sale this weekend and encountered the most unpleasant person possible. We had a hold section and she wanted to buy a lamp that was in it. I told her nicely two times that it was for someone else. She kept insisting I sell it to her–how did I know they would pay for it? The vast majority of people are nice and respectful of others. This woman made me want to bash her with the lamp.

  11. Linda H. says:

    People in general are becoming considerably crazier. Hang onto it or lose it, nutter.

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  13. SixBalloons says:

    That is so nuts. Good thing you held your ground, then got the heck outta there. Estate Sales, Yard Sales, etc., you better be touching it if you’re claiming it’s yours!

    At the first yard sale sitting on the shelf looks to be a Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy doll without hair – makes those eyebrows look so freaky!

  14. Mint says:

    Speaking of yard sale violence, I had a woman come up to me and smack my hand very hard at an Estate Sale once, making me drop the darning egg I was looking at in shock. She grabbed then grabbed the darning egg and -ran- away! I was so dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do. Then later, I found the same darning egg hidden behind some books in another room of the house, presumably to hide it until everything was 1/2 off the next day. What? Really?! I bought it, so I guess crazy assault-a-stranger-for-a-darning-egg lady went home empty handed.

  15. meghan says:

    @ SIX BALLOONS — Ah, thanks for coming to the blog. I was just reading your blog for the first time yesterday.
    @MINT — wow, that is just crazy. I have seen people hiding stuff at sales, but it just seems so desparate.

  16. SixBalloons says:

    Hi Meghan, so glad I found YSBB too. I was poring through the site and couldn’t stop laughing at Jenny’s post at


    The T-shirt with the “number of days since I last… ” made me burst out into uncontrollable laughter. I guess I was expecting it to say 100 days or something, but the fact that it was ten years and had space for another digit, I don’t know. It sent me over the edge. Sometimes stuff is just funny.

  17. meghan says:

    We try to keep it funny. It’s a yard sale blog, but maybe it’s a comedy blog…