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Fabulous but true tales of life in yard sale land.

Wonder Woman. Weed Pipes. West Seattle.

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West Seattle was this weekend and Karl was out of town and Jenny had family in town. I pretty much go to West Seattle twice a year (if that) and I usually see my friend Hayla when I go. We … Continue reading

$250,000 worth of oniomania

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 3 Comments

Hmm … until today I had no idea that compulsive shopping is called Oniomania. Who knew?!? Maybe some of you have wiki’d that shit. I guess when you go to enough sales, there is going to be a darker side … Continue reading

Fantasies and Other Realities

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Saturday I was riding solo. (My husband said that makes the blog more boring, since we don’t get any extra dialog between us.) Honestly I knew that I wouldn’t be out that long, but I wanted to hit this sale … Continue reading

Pinterest is jealous of this Speculite

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 7 Comments

There were plenty of sales listed on Saturday! One of them was listed as a “digger estate sale” urging shoppers to bring gloves and be cautious. Those kinds of ads are always somehow alluring and repellent at the same time, … Continue reading

Bad news bears

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Blogging on Thursday about sales on Saturday is my worst (lazy) pet-peeve. I forget half of the amusing things that happened. It makes me irritated with myself. In good news, it was nice out and there were more than four … Continue reading

A sad Saturday

Posted by Jenny in Sale Tales | 4 Comments

Last Saturday was rainy and cold and there really weren’t many sales listed. I had seen ads for some kind of rummage sale at the Swedish Cultural Center so I figured that might be good. Later I noticed an ad … Continue reading

You are not a store

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 3 Comments

There were not a ton of sales last Saturday, but we were itching to go out after nearly a month’s hiatus. Karl even joined us, for the first time in ages – first regaling us with tales of an estate … Continue reading

Hillbilly pickers and the smell from hell

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Before last Saturday, Jenny and I hadn’t been to sales in months … I don’t think that is 100% true, but nothing blogworthy. We have had some book reports planned, but that usually ends up being us talking about book … Continue reading