Friday sales on a Saturday that are Hugh

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Festive yard sale sign

It’s starting to get a little more rainy, overall more spotty weatherwise –- in just a couple of weeks it’s started feeling like Autumn. Jenny said she wanted to take her daughter to the fair this weekend on whichever day seemed least likely to rain. When that turned out to be Saturday, she sort of bent that rule so that she could do two and a half hours of sales first, then hit the fair. I have been sort of spaced out and have had so much to do lately that two hours give or take sounded fine.

Karl came across town to join us. The first sale looked like it could be really good and he had pretty cool stuff, but wacko prices.

Hurry for deals!

KCMU flyers from the mid/late ’80s – you are never going to see that. Yes, they had been free and all he did was yank them down, but not everyone is going to keep them for 25 years.


The price? $30 each. Ouch! Books? $5 each for stuff that I don’t know if I would call special. Plus, the whole time I was looking around this woman is in my ear:

“Is this a guy sale?”
“Is this a guy sale?”
“Yes. It’s very much a guy sale.”
“Well, do you think he has any woman’s jewelry?”

I had to go sit in the car. Karl hung around and managed to talk him down a bit on a few items.

The next sale, Jenny mentions that the ad said they are selling vintage stuff from her former resale business -– what vintage? It’s kids toys and other odds and ends.

Sad garage sale

If this is what we are dealing with, I need a baked good.

The next sale had listed records -– they did have those, but mostly picked over and squirreled out. One guy was tossing 45s and inside jacket sleeves all over the place. Just being an ass. I really hate this behavior at sales.

Chairs and clothes

They also had this — for $7. What?

Framed Steve Martin With Cat

We hit a church rummage sale and once again something was just “off” about it.

Rummage sale today!

After paying for my one item I was told I would have to leave from a different exit. I get why they do this, but it was busy and I couldn’t find Jenny. I yelled to Karl about how I would meet them. Then I was like fuck it — I don’t want to deal. I told the woman that my friends had already gone out the other door and I would be following them. I pretty much told her to go ahead and stop me. Maybe I was just easily agitated that day. This stuff doesn’t usually bother me or I just make fun about it.

As we drove around we kept seeing signs for the Hugh sale.

Hugh Sale Antiques

OK, do you mean HUGE sale? Or what? I get if you misspelled it once, but over and over … Jenny remembered we had seen a similar sign about six months back, not far from here (but not the same house). Anyway, we didn’t go to this one. Friday sales on a Saturday that are Hugh are not for me.

We hit a little sidewalk sale where I guess the woman’s best friend was a rep for gourmet spices, sugars, and other items — she was selling sealed packages for $1 or less and we all scored some good stuff.

Stuff along the sidewalk

At this point it was pretty much time for Jenny to head off to the fair. We all ended up with a few things, and I guess it wasn’t bad for such a short run, but definitely not one for the record books.

Junk In My Trunk 9-24-11

13 Responses to Friday sales on a Saturday that are Hugh

  1. JB says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for doing this blog. I always read it and it always entertains.

  2. Paul says:

    Man, where do you guys even put all this stuff?! I average like, one or two things a week, and I can barely find the room for that.

  3. Linda H. says:

    Is the $7 picture of the dude with the cat a young Steve Martin?

  4. Meghan says:

    Yes, it’s Steve Martin!

    @ Paul, here is a little post about that very question.

  5. Robyn says:

    Oh, Serge Gainsbourg. I still have a crush on him!

  6. Melissa says:

    I would have TOTALLY spent $7 for Steve Martin and that giant cat, who looks a lot like MY giant cat. That would have classed up the litterbox area considerably!

  7. Howard M Beers says:

    I’d have gone $7.50 for the Steve Martin picture! The cat looks like it might have been the model for the cats in the B. Kliban cartoons. Way too big for cat juggling though.

    Actually the picture looks like it might have been a Norman Seeff photograph. Wonder if it was an actual printed photo or just a mass produced poster.

    OK, I’m all done dropping names for today.

  8. jennifer says:

    what a bargain, that Steve Martin with very big cat photo….looks like some of his infamous art collection behind him too. How could you pass that up???????

  9. Ester Jean says:

    I dunno, I saw some pretty rock and roll metallic shoes in the 5th picture! And my husband would have snatched up that poster of Steve Martin in two seconds, probably would hang it in our nursery… haha

  10. Jodi says:

    I would have bought that Steve Martin photo in a nanosecond, $7 is a bargain

  11. Chelsea says:

    Yeah what is the deal with weird yard sale signs? On two separate occasions I have seen signs that read “BIGASSE YARD SALE”. Two. Separate. Occasions. Is that their way of trying to make “Big Ass Yard Sale” seem appropriate? I urban dictionaried bigasse and no dice. And *TWO* different people have done this. WTF.

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