Some really hot hot pants

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On Friday afternoon I hit an estate sale near my house. While I love our frenzied Saturday routine of getting in as many sales as we can, there is also something to be said for having just one stop to make and taking your time looking around. This sale was probably better earlier in the day, but there were still some interesting items to be found. One of the first things I found: lawn darts!


Dangerous! Illegal! And pricy, too. As were many things in the house, like this “rain lamp” (where oil drips down the strings like rain).

Rain Lamp

That flowery wallpaper lined the whole room — this was in the basement, which had holiday crap galore plus an awful lot of booze-related items. Mostly not that exciting, but I couldn’t resist a little plastic bag of goofy drinking kitsch items for $1. (Nice and cheap! It was all over the map — a lot of stuff was cheap, but then it was like they were hoping to get lucky on a few items and priced them way too high.)

There was more upstairs, including this intriguing little box.

HOT pants

“For the girl who gets a charge out of being in style” — what could that mean? I opened it up …

Electric panties

Um. Wow.

That wasn’t the only wacky fun gift item they had.

For The Woman Who Demands The Finest

In case you are feeling as baffled as I was about what those are, they are gold-painted, fur-trimmed clothespins.

Gold-painted mink-trimmed clothespins

It was definitely one of the more entertaining sales I’ve been to in a while — not least when I overheard one of the sellers tell another, “I don’t get people’s names tattooed on me anymore.” And when I got home and dug into my bag of goodies, here’s what I found …

Drinker's Kitsch

Baggie of monkeys and elephants for the rim of your drink! A wind-up hopping shot glass! Gag ice cubes (that’d work better if they hadn’t yellowed with age)! Cow-shaped indicators for how your steak is cooked — okay, those aren’t exactly drinking-related, and neither is the “round tuit” or the mysterious wind-up black creature that looks like a two-armed spider. (Its arms flop around and make it roll when it’s wound up — my cat was very amused.)

A couple of items deserve a closer look. First up, the “Martini Tester.”

Gourmet Martini Tester

The other side of the instructions read “Not a Gadget — It Works!” I haven’t tried it out yet.

And next, let’s find out what’s in that “Waggish Drunkard” box …

Waggish Drunkard

Oh. A little man wearing a barrel. Wait a minute, what happens when you put his arms down?

Waggish Drunkard, Exposed

Whoever had lived in this house clearly appreciated a good gag … or at least a really bad one.

10 Responses to Some really hot hot pants

  1. Abbie Grotke says:

    Not a gadget – i love it! My friend Julie at is going to love this post. Will send her over here to take a look-see. Those hot pants are fabulous, and I love the martini tester!

  2. Tacky Julie says:

    Wow, you really scored big on the tacky meter with this sale!

  3. FSK says:

    haha awesome finds!!

  4. Linda H. says:

    You definitely got your dollar’s worth.

  5. Krista says:

    Hahaha…love the stuff! I remember my aunt had an oil rain lamp. I didn’t know I had that memory until I saw that in your post. I used to be amazed by it as a kid when we went over there. What a fun sale ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Melissa says:

    You got A ROUND TUIT!!
    Good grief, those things swept the country sometime in the 70s. Usually they were knitted or crocheted pot-holders (so they would at least be marginally useful) but yours elevates the concept into a whole different dimension. I see the accompanying explanation is the very same, however!

  7. Jenny says:

    Yeah, it’s like a combination round tuit/pet rock!

  8. Diane says:

    That man in a barrel – does the box say somewhere that you fill it with water? The ones I’ve seen squirt when you pull the barrel down. There used to be a Chinese guy in NYC selling them on the subway. He’d walk from car to car saying, “Little pee-pee, $2.00. Little pee-pee, $2.00!”

  9. Ester Jean says:

    wow I am glad you explained the clothespins – I thought they were gold-painted candlesticks. Either way, totally unnecessary, but it seems most of the items at the sale were ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun finds! Makes me want to get back into garage saleing, for sure!

  10. Jenny says:

    Hmm, I don’t think he squirts. Will have to take a closer look. Slightly scared…