Of moose and man

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Meghan was out of town last Saturday, and I was all set to go saling with Karl, but then I had to bail at the last minute. Apparently I missed out on a kick-ass rummage sale, where he filled up five bags with pristine ’70s Nikes and other gems for a whopping $19. Dang!

I also missed an encounter with a woman he’s declared as his yard sale nemesis. She pulled up to a sale and insisted she had to park in the driveway because she couldn’t see well enough to park alongside the curb. (Um, then should you really be driving?) She then gave the seller some line about how she was looking for recent textbooks “for her college-age daughter who just loves to read everything.” Yeah, right. Finally, she announced she was buying all the CDs — which the seller had brought out on Karl’s request — before he even had a chance to look at them.

Anyway, since I have no real weekend recap for you, please enjoy this fascinating LP cover that I picked up at a Friday sale on my way to work a couple weeks back.

Tom's Electric #1

I would have filed this post in the “Um … No Thanks” category, except that (for some strange reason) I actually purchased it.

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