Freak sauce

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Our frequent guest star Karl recently told me about a peculiar encounter he had while out doing what record squirrels do. But rather than attempting to recap this story in a normal post, I think I’ll just share our IM conversation with you.

First, Karl says: I do not think it is too unusual for other people to connect with other folks for a one-on-one meeting but this was out of the ordinary as you will read, it took forever to reconnect and I am going to say this was certainly worth it but I am ready to see what others think after reading…

Karl: weird story when yer ready…?!
Jenny: lay it on me
Karl: gave a gal my age my card after she got a “clockwork orange” poster right in front of me at a sale…for a dollar. she said she prolly did not want it…
Karl: that was over a year and three mos ago. she never called but i ran into her at another sale earlier this year and she says, i lost your card…gimme it again, i got records too…
Karl: so, she never calls
Jenny: is that the end of the story?
Karl: i then get a call from her this weekend (four months later) and she says come over last night…she is a pro picker and sells on ebay and has a house full of interesting things i can see – but this is out in the burbs
Jenny: and you got there and she was naked?
Karl: and she then says, lets go to the garage and she has art, she has clothes, she has all kinds of great stuff…and she does this for a living i think. I SAID, I THINK
Karl: hard to tell…but she give me the poster and proceeds to let me at a nice stack of records – about 75 or so. not naked bytheway
Jenny: that would have made the story really good.
Karl: and i get about 25. and she says, $25 including the poster
Jenny: wow good deal! I assume!
Karl: YES! after she tells me that she researched ’em and that they were easily worth more than a dollar each – AND ENCOURAGED me to take more for .50 cents or whatever…
Karl: nothing funny going on here but i get 25 more and a killer adidas bag and she says, 50 bucks.
Karl: she turns out to be cool. super cool, totally knows her shit. furniture, clothes, you name it – records too.
Karl: i am about to leave and she asks, do you know anybody who can record sound? i say, no but one guy but he’s a recluse…
Karl: she says, “we have spirits here and i wanna know what they have to say”
Jenny: FUCK!!!!!
Karl: “the house and windows can shake, you know”
Karl: i say, NO I DO NOT KNOW!
Jenny: o.m.g
Karl: and she says “they are not ghosts, they are spirits”
Karl: it was kinda creepy
Jenny: weeeeeird
Karl: seriously
Jenny: and she has your number now!
Karl: continues to say, “i need someone to record what they are saying since – well, they said Haiti was going to happen…and Obama was going to win…”
Karl: I WAS LIKE WHAAAAAT?! the fuck?!?!?!
Jenny: dude
Karl: i was kinda tripping out…and left.
Karl: she was so nice jenny but this along with pictures of jesus at her doors…and she said she smokes a lot of weed (hello!)
Karl: i was freaking.
Jenny: good lord. FREAK SAUCE!
Karl: then i am driving home and looking at the records and thinking – am i going to bring these into my home?
Karl: yes, i get over it and now i can’t stop thinking about it.
Karl: straight tripping out.
Karl: KILLER RECORDS! i mean, jazz, psych stuff, indian – everything you can imagine
Jenny: dude, you better hope nothing starts shaking over there…..
Karl: stop that!
Jenny: btw, I am going to copy this whole conversation and send it to Meghan!

And all Meghan said was: “This needs to be on the blog.”

Karl adds: Lastly, I was not scared per se – more thinking, how does one come to tell another person, A STRANGER such things? I am pleased to say I am still around and none of the records have levitated or anything but I must admit, the entire thing still has me a bit freaked.

The moral of the story? Venturing into strange territory in search of the goods might bring scores, but you really never know what else you might find. It could’ve been worse, though … just ask the guy who dug through a bunch of disco records and found a mummified rat. Eek!

13 Responses to Freak sauce

  1. barb says:

    Sounds like spirits stick pretty close to home. Fortunately for Karl.

    About the mummified rat… better than an oozy one, I say!
    Nice blog.

  2. sue says:

    Hilarious! And brilliant presentation. Thanks, Karl, for taking the voodoo hit for us other junkers.

  3. T-rexy says:

    What?! Excellent, but why does the adventure have to end there?? Can’t you just get the recording guy to do it and see how it plays out? Aw maannnn, I want more story.

  4. Jay says:

    Since she appears to know her stuff…she just may be aware of this blog…look out! 😀

  5. grannyann says:

    I too have come across some really weird people when I was garage saleing. There is one lady in my town who moved here, built a round house over a normal house and says she is a witch and must live in a round house.

  6. S- says:

    it’s all about the journey…

  7. Linda says:

    That is awesome….Still laughing! Let’s hope she loses Karl’s card…again….Great blog, btw.

  8. Maria says:

    i wonder if her “people” can predict what type of health care bill will pass..hmmm?

  9. Melissa says:

    OMG, hilarious. Poor Karl! Tell him to wrap the stuff he got in plastic to keep the spirits from getting out and infesting his house. And to be prepared to wear a garlic necklace for the next couple of months. Tee hee.

  10. terry lee says:

    what a great story! i’ve come across some creepy folks while junkin’, but this one is, hands down, the best i’ve heard yet.

    brings a whole new meaning to buyer beware.

    oh, and the last time i bought a pile of LPs, i found a mummified gecko stuck to the vinyl. eeeeeekkkk!

    thanks for the laugh,
    terry lee

  11. cindy says:

    hahah holy cow..

  12. leah says:

    freak sauce <—love. i mean, will use it. and soon.

    love the story. love.

  13. Mary Lou says:

    I once had a lady tell me that the doll I was purchasing not only talked to her but moved around the room. So far it hasn’t moved or spoke to me. Well…maybe thats the voices I hear in my head…LOL