Friday grumbling

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Every week I have been getting excited to hit Friday sales, but then it always seems to start raining. It’s not good when you might have a better time sitting at home doing nothing, right? It’s almost July and we are having the coldest spring/summer on record.

But last Friday there was an estate sale run by Flotsam & Jetsam that looked like it could be cool. Even if I didn’t buy anything, at least the house might be interesting.

I only planned on hitting this one sale. The house was a big rambler near the water and there were about 12 people in line when I arrived. Then a woman comes up behind me and starts complaining. “I am cold. Maybe they will let us in early. It’s raining” — SHE HAS NO COAT ON.

She keeps mumbling and I am trying to not pay her much attention, since it’s going to make the next 10 minutes that I am in line seem even longer. Since I haven’t been giving her any attention, she is now talking to the woman behind her in line. And the line is getting longer, I look back and there are 40+ people waiting to get into the sale.

Then the owner of Flotsam comes outside, takes down her signage, and goes back into the house. And the same woman starts talking …

LADY: “If she comes out here one more time and doesn’t let us in, I am going to slap her.”
ME: “Um, I know her and she is very nice. Saying you are going to slap her isn’t cool.”
LADY: “Well, I am cold and it’s almost 10:00. And her sales are always priced so high.”
ME: “No one made you come here. You don’t have to come to her sales if you think she has items priced too high. That isn’t really a reason to talk about slapping someone.”
LADY: “Well, I was just joking. And you are weird.”
ME: “I would rather have someone think I’m weird, than threaten to slap someone because you can’t get into a sale two minutes early.”

As if calling me weird could be considered an insult.

The house was wonderful, but the sale didn’t have a ton of stuff. People swarmed the books. They did have nine pairs of Frye boots, sadly all were two sizes too big for me. There was great kitchen stuff and I picked up a really cool french bowl and a Descoware Frying pan.

When I went to do one last pass before getting rung up, I spotted this guy that comes off as some pro book seller, crouched on the floor with his scanner. Ehg. Get me out of here!

Then as I was driving home, I pulled onto my street and saw a sign for an estate sale. Why wasn’t this listed on Craig’s? So, I doubled back and hit this sale that had the feel of a perma-sale, but also seemed like an estate sale full of stuff that should just be sent to the Goodwill. I went into a small room off the garage filled with sheets, shoes, toys and stuffed animals. Then I spotted a Captain and Tennille poster on one wall for $4. Did you love the song “Love Will Keep Us Together” so much that you kept this horrible poster?

The Captain and Tennille

As I started to take a photo of it, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye — definitely not something you want to have happen at a sale. I turned to see if it was a rat, then saw a kitty getting comfortable on a stack of old blankets. Why would you have an estate sale and keep the animals in the house with you?

An unusual estate sale item

OMG. Why did I even leave the house?!?!

7 Responses to Friday grumbling

  1. Janelle says:

    I had a Saturday like that last weekend. Very discouraging when you realize that you could have slept in instead of schlepping around looking at crap!

    The Captain and Tennille–I didn’t know anybody liked them well enough to have a poster of them–much less hang onto said poster for 35 years! LOL.

  2. cyn says:

    reminds me of the time I drove around all day and burned a tank of gas to come home with only a Mayor McCheese glass from the 70s.

  3. Melissa says:

    I HATE those guys (they’re always guys) with the scanners, and the ones who are always checking book prices on ebay or abebooks with their iPhones.

    And you were so polite to that crazy slap-happy woman that I think you deserve sainthood. I probably would have told her to STFU and then eventually the police would have become involved.

  4. Karen in Tacoma says:

    Lol! Maybe the kitty was for sale 😉

  5. Into Vintage says:

    Oh my god. That poster reminded me of a long ago haircut I HAD to have that involved using a curling iron. Tennille – won’t the Captain let you sit on the furniture?

  6. Leah says:

    that is so funny she called you weird! i don’t think a stranger has ever called me weird after i voiced my opinion! that is hilarious. i probably would have busted out laughing.

    and a cat? at an estate sale? eeegads.

  7. Four bucks for that Captain & Tenille poster, seriously? That’s $3 more than I would have expected.