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It’s like when we report on a book. You know?

Cool people on the scene

Posted by Meghan in Book Report | 10 Comments

I found this while rummaging through the kitchen at the fancy estate sale we hit the last time we went out. There was a nice recipe for poached salmon on the other side, but I snagged it for the photos! … Continue reading

Crafts for Retarded

Posted by Meghan in Book Report | 10 Comments

Regular readers might remember us hitting a mid-summer crafters sale, along with me wandering around in shoes from the sale (something I would never do without meeting the person first — it’s a kooky rule, but it works for me. … Continue reading

Gridiron Gag-Me

Posted by Jenny in Book Report | 16 Comments

It is my pleasure today to share with you the insanity known as the Seattle Seahawks Gridiron Gourmet — a fundraiser cookbook from 1983 credited to “the Seattle Seahawks player’s wives.” I purchased this at what we now refer to … Continue reading

The (fine?) art of thrift stores

Posted by Jenny in Book Report, Grab Bag | 4 Comments

When I think of the phrase “thrift store photos” I usually think of the weird kind of pictures you can sometimes find while thrifting. Here’s one stellar example: (More of that good stuff here.) Of course, “thrift store photos” can … Continue reading

It’s a jolly holiday … with animal products

Posted by Jenny in Book Report, Guest Stars | 12 Comments

All right everyone … our recurring guest star, Leslie, has come through with an oh-so-special report for us! Take it away, Leslie … As previously mentioned, we all went to a rather crusty estate sale that had been running for … Continue reading

Master Detectives must have sexy underwear

Posted by Jenny in Book Report | 4 Comments

So, in my last post I mentioned this “Master Detective” magazine that I picked up. I thought I would show you just a little bit of what’s inside. As you can see from the cover, there are some cheese-ariffic articles … Continue reading

Auction fever

Posted by Meghan in Book Report | 1 Comment

In July we had gone to a woman’s sale (that Jenny and I refer to as the bugdi sale) who had some really great books and I purchased a incredibly pretty (yet awkwardly sized at 12 x 4.8 inches) called … Continue reading

Freakish tinfoil costumes in art

Posted by Jenny in Book Report | 1 Comment

Do you remember about a month ago when I ended up with a bunch of junk in my trunk, including a book chock-full of extremely demented and disturbing decorations to make out of tinfoil? Well! I did not know how … Continue reading