Freakish tinfoil costumes in art

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Do you remember about a month ago when I ended up with a bunch of junk in my trunk, including a book chock-full of extremely demented and disturbing decorations to make out of tinfoil?

Junk In My Trunk 7-20-07

Well! I did not know how much that book got around. Sweetheartville left us a comment that she’d seen the book and was appropriately horrified (particularly by the mermaid). And our pal and occasional guest-star Leslie told me she had a copy, too. Not only that, but she said she owned a painting based on one of the photos. This seemed too good to be true, and I demanded proof. Which I am so thrilled to share with you now.

Here’s the original photo from the book:

Photo from (the very demented and disturbing) Alcoa's Book of Decorations

And here’s the painting:

Painting inspired by (the very demented and disturbing) Alcoa's Book of Decorations

The fact that this painting exists is fantastic. Even better is that it was painted by Lamont Mudd, local artist and occasional-dude-about-town. I’m already quite familiar with his work, since we actually have a couple of his paintings in our house, too. (None based on tinfoil crafts, however. You can see one of them here – it’s the third one down.)

Lamont’s paintings are somewhat elusive these days, but rumor has it that they sometimes turn up at Sugartown Vintage. I don’t know if he takes commissions for custom work based on your own favorite horrifying tinfoil art project, but I suppose you could ask!

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