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It’s like when we report on a book. You know?

Top O’ The Mornin’: With Fish And Shellfish

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Okay, now here is a book that is both entertaining, and about entertaining. Ostensibly, anyway. I think it’s really more about freaking people out, because this charming little cookbook pamphlet is chock full of seafood breakfast dishes. The disgustingness just … Continue reading

Entertaining books

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I don’t mean books that are about how to entertain people; I mean books that are entertaining to look at. On the left, we have The Munchies Eatbook: or how to satisfy the hungries without eating everything in sight. I’m … Continue reading

Cookbooks we did not purchase on Saturday

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I am not sure what I will do without the 1978 Carbohydrate Guide or The Classic Wheat For Man Cookbook, but I’m sure I will manage somehow.