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Adventures in Candle Land

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I had hit some sales on Memorial Weekend, which usually feels like a bust and not many sales with folks going out of town and holding BBQ’s. I had meant to do a quicky post, but instead will share this … Continue reading

Another year, another West Seattle Garage Sale Day

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It was time again for the West Seattle Garage Sale Day (WSGSD). Sadly, Jenny couldn’t make it and no one would go with me – okay, I only asked a few people, but still. And with the stuff going on … Continue reading

Designer clothes, cat mega-mansions, and Andy Gibb

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Jenny wasn’t going to go to sales at all this week and I was sort of trying to twist her arm a bit about just going for a couple of hours … I suspect she was committed to not going … Continue reading

4/20 yard sales, dude

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Jenny and I had sort of hemmed and hawed about if we would even hit sales, since it’s been raining here. Yes, it’s been nice on a random Tuesday afternoon, but that doesn’t make a person want to drag out … Continue reading

Springtime sales with Styx, Phish, and the Dukes of Hazzard

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It’s true, all three of us met for sales this last Saturday and it was one of the first really nice weather breaks we have had. Meeting at my house at 8:30 Jenny and Karl started to talk about some … Continue reading

Whole Sales

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Last year around this time we had hit the big Whole Foods sale. I think we all picked up new items that has been donated by Whole Foods, plus some secondhand items. I had remembered it being pretty good when … Continue reading

Is thrifting good in Palm Springs? Depends!

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While in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree a couple of weekends back (hey, I have been busy–get off my case), my husband and I hit up a whopping one yard sale. Honestly I have nothing to say about it, but … Continue reading

Biker dudes and arty nudes

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The last time my mom and aunt had come down that I remember was back in 2009, though I think they must have come down since then. It’s always comical when they come along, with the same issues every time: … Continue reading