Biker dudes and arty nudes

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The last time my mom and aunt had come down that I remember was back in 2009, though I think they must have come down since then. It’s always comical when they come along, with the same issues every time: my mom can’t manage to navigate to a sale and she reads off like 8 sales at once. I was really missing Jenny, since we are pretty much on the same page about how to navigate from sale to sale. But I tried to make a nice list in large letters and the times all spelled out clearly, and we did make it to a ton of sales.

One of our first sales was right by my house and I ended up getting some really crazy 70s-does-30s-meets-disco outfits. They also had some good records, but smelly. I can’t bring musty stuff into my house, since it just makes me sick. But the clothing was good and I did see this incredible wood framed picture.

Biker paradise

It’s amazing, right? Sadly, I didn’t buy it, but then after I posted it onto my facebook page a bunch of my friends were freaking out, so a few hours I went back. It was gone, but I met the guy from the picture. He said it was based on an actual photo, although his hair wasn’t as long. Jenny seemed seem obsessed by the glitter fairy stickers in the corners.

So, we have talked about how balloons at sales can be a sign of bad sales – what about a sign with balloons?!?

Yard Sale Here Now

Yup, but they did have this “make an offer” on this super pack of fireworks. Hell, you paid $14 and I don’t know what year, so what sort of offer are you looking for?!?!

Grand '49er

We did a ton of driving around, since my mom couldn’t seem to work out the addresses or the times. So, at 9:30 we would be a sale that didn’t start until 10:00 or at 11:00 she would direct me to one that had been going since 8:30. Fun times!

Perusin' the driveway

We went to some serious duds and some just OK sales, then found an estate sale. Yeah, that is really their sign just scrawled on the side of a box –- not sure from what, a bracket?

Estate sale sign

She had this snazzy painting.

Fine art

And the Christmas tree was set up and going.

Christmas tree

My mom seemed to pull the best thing out of the sale with some amazing chairs that I wouldn’t have even noticed, but I guess they were pretty hot stuff a hundred years ago (not my style, but nice).

One of our last stops was an Estate Sale of some old western dude and I would have purchased all his clothing and boots, but they just wanted way too much money for them. Sadly, it seemed like he had started doing work on the house and then just stopped. Everything sort of looked like this.

Abandoned in staircase

He did have some great pictures on his many unfinished walls, including these naked ladies.


I took this photo from upstairs at the house, to give you an idea of what the yard looked like. Sorry you can’t see the $300 YUGO (“Runs. With Tabs” was the selling point!)

Back yard sale

Throughout the day we did fill up the car — we even filled the trunk twice and had to drop stuff off. But I realized it was mostly my mom. I had spent a whopping $22 by the end of the day. Sorry no trunk shot this week!

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