Whole Sales

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Last year around this time we had hit the big Whole Foods sale. I think we all picked up new items that has been donated by Whole Foods, plus some secondhand items. I had remembered it being pretty good when I saw the sign while ordering a sandwich last week. I sent a text to Karl and we made a tentative plan to go, since Jenny was in Europe.

Whole Foods Yard Sale sign

Of course the day before, I started to remember other plans and Karl was fighting a cold. We decided to cancel, but in the morning I was up early and thought what the hell. I peeked at craig’s list and it wasn’t looking very great for most of the sales, but I thought this one’s for charity – why not?!?!

It was really good this time. I was the first one there and made off with some brand new candles, room diffusers, a new pair of Tom’s shoes in the box. and some other random stuff. And then I was able to get a cup of coffee.

Another Whole Foods sale

They made some comment about how most of the Whole Foods stores were having sales that day, so I hopped onto I-5 and hit the Lynnwood store.

Whole Foods "yard" sale

This one was even better. I picked up more candles, some newer books, vitamins, a travel coffee cup, some new stuffed animals for my dog to chew on, and more.

And another one ...

Sadly, I hit one more on my way home and it was a 100% bust, with old clothing and really bad books.

Books at Whole Foods sale

After that I just went home. Without Jenny around I never took a trunk shot, but it definitely had me thinking about getting ready to hit more sales!

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