4/20 yard sales, dude

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Jenny and I had sort of hemmed and hawed about if we would even hit sales, since it’s been raining here. Yes, it’s been nice on a random Tuesday afternoon, but that doesn’t make a person want to drag out their belongings at 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning. In the end we thought about maybe hitting sales for a couple of hours and then knock off early.

In looking at the sales on Craigslist one jumped out right away – it’s 4/20 dudes!

Dear Seattle,
Three young men once moved into a lodge at the top of a hillock. A dog as well, Luke was the name. They loved mountains, water, and the open road. Time passed, and many things were acquired. Everything but the dog must go.
Two corner sectional couches, one 60’s vintage
Complete snowboard, bootz
Complete Double up wakeboard
Oak hutch
Vintage t shits and clothes
Dr. Suess looking house plants
Handmade wall hanging art…

I also spotted a listing posted Friday night for an all night long sale. Reason for sale: Eviction on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. Gulp!

I sent those to Jenny, more as a joke than anything else. Usually, I drive and Jenny puts together the list of sales. And that usually works out great, but this time, Jenny sent us to a 9-house block sale that wasn’t actually happening until next week. Jenny was telling me that she was sorry, and also that since that wasn’t happening it didn’t leave us very many sales. Oddly enough I had driven by a few signs on my way to the bank earlier, so we decided to check those out.

At our first sale, Jenny immediately pointed out this thing.

Creepy raccoon thing

WHAT IS IT? A bank? A cookie jar? Creepy nipple raccoon figure? Jenny knocked over a bunch of plastic margarita glasses in the process of us trying to figure it out.

Sidewalk sale

The rest of the sale was sort of meh. They did have this spiffy homemade lampshade.

Lamp shade art

The next sale was in an enormous garage and I thought it was going to be good – mostly based on the fact that I had been to another sale here about five years ago that was great. In the end I think I purchased a book for my husband.

Garage sale in massive garage

I do like the tack board/tool hanging board used for the sign.

Pegboard sale sign

The next sale Jenny kept calling the “TJ’s sale” and of course all I could think is “Trader Joe’s is having a sale?” Instead it was a sale for an outdoorsy couple taking off cruising in our boat and needing to sell all of their stuff.

Moving-to-a-boat sale

She had this cool shoe box from 1892.

Ladies Shoe box

I purchased that, and also a newer -40 REI sleeping bag. I looked it up later and found that it retailed for $230. It’s at the dry cleaners as we speak.

While on the way to another sale, and really starting to wind-down already, we saw this sale.

Sale by the side of the road

OK, is it even a sale? Not sure. No sign and it looks more like 3 dudes standing around chatting, in fact we never even got out of the car. I mostly just squealed at Jenny to get a photo of the back of the truck!

Back of truck

Right? Maybe you can’t see the 3 ammo bags sitting on the truck bed, but I think you get the idea.

When we pulled around the corner to hit the next sale on the list, I realized that I had hit this sale on my way home from work on Friday and it was horrible. I had forgotten to tell Jenny about it until that point.

Garage sale in alley

Is this day really going to suck this badly? We debated just going home. Then we spotted a “4/20 Gypsy Moving Sale” sign for a sale on Cleopatra, a street that is only 3 blocks long.

4/20 Gypsy Moving Sale

The sale was large, but sort of over priced — a woman quoted me some crazy stuff about a pair of Paige jeans going for over $200 new. Is your sale Nordstrom? No, it’s not.

In honor of it being Record Store Day, they had records – anyone want to do the Macarena? It was in there.

Old School Stuff

Continuing with the Record Store Day theme: this t-shirt.

Ask Me About My Seven Inches

We also saw this entire library of Ayn Rand books! EEEK!

Ayn Rand yard sale

Jenny picked up a sweater and the box set of The Wire and I bought a Fast Times at Ridgemont High t-shirt. At that point we decided to just get breakfast and call it a day.

Junk In My Trunk 4-20-13

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