Designer clothes, cat mega-mansions, and Andy Gibb

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Jenny wasn’t going to go to sales at all this week and I was sort of trying to twist her arm a bit about just going for a couple of hours … I suspect she was committed to not going until she got an email from an old work friend that was having a sale in Magnolia. The main plan was to go there and just sort of come back to Ballard, but in the morning Jenny said there were a few early morning sales before her sale. Little did we know that we should have been at her friend’s sale extra early — she’d told Jenny it started at 9, but later I realized her ad even said “early birds are fine, if you help me unpack”.

We hit a couple of boring sales and to be 100% honest, I really don’t remember anything about them. Sorry.

A boring sale

Jenny’s friend’s sale turned out to be GREAT!

Designer clothes & art sale

FINALLY! It’s going to be a great weekend for a yard sale! If you’ve been to one of our sales, you know we only have quality stuff. We are foodies, art collectors, designer clothes lovers AND we are pairing up with my sister, father and other random folks to offer you a great place to come pick.

Jenny was smart enough to take some photos while I sort of took a full on dive into so much stuff that if I would have thought for half a second, I would probably have seen some reason to tone it down.

Tables of goodies

There was a woman that had hit the sale before us that had a huge pile, but there was tons of stuff that hadn’t even been opened. I don’t need to go into how much I purchased, but it was a whopping $170 by the time I was done and between that and the $30 or so Jenny spent, the trunk was pretty full.

Scarf and hat bins

Right next door was a Jr. Roller Derby fundraiser. When I asked it was for Seattle Derby Brats I was corrected that it was for junior banked track derby. Oh, roller derby –- how can a person even keep track of how much derby there is?!?!

Jr. Roller Derby Sale

They did have this sweet-ass rave jacket.

Blue rave jacket

EEEK! One of the sellers made a comment about handing out a free glow stick to whoever purchased it.

Jenny mentioned a book sale and it turned out to be at this large modern home.

Book sale

The second we walked in the door the guy having the sale was sort of yelling at his mom after some books had been knocked over. He was sort of being a dick, but caught himself and realized he was getting upset with his mom during a yard sale in what I can only guess is her house.

Wall books

Not sure why you would need a family planning and a menopause book, but whatever…

Book selection

We were about to head back to Ballard but then I saw a sign that I just felt the need to follow. And we found this.

Cat Paradise

Yeah. It really is the largest cat scratching post thing you have ever seen. It was $100 (down from the retail of $400) and even if I had a cat or two I would never want that thing in my house. When I mentioned it being huge the owner said, “Yeah, they were living large.”

Next we hit a large fundraising sale that was really, really huge.

Fundraising sale

It looked like something great could be found, but not on your life.

The clothing section

Camaro Parking Only

Stuff a-plenty

At this point my car started to act up the same last week (no worries, it’s in the shop as we speak). So what do we do? Keep going to sales and hope that it keeps starting? Well, yeah.

The next sale had a couple of boxes of records and Jenny was making some smart-ass remarks about the BeeGees. I had to stop and laugh about this Andy Gibb LP.

The lightning-thumbed Andy Gibb

To be honest I just remember him:

  1. Doing the song “Shadow Dancing”
  2. Dating Victoria Principal
  3. Doing too much coke and being broke and then dropping dead at 30.

I did find this great photo while doing a google search.

Andy Gibb - wow

At the next sale they had a few interesting items. This amazing (but musty and overpriced) sort of studded suit …

Snazzy outfit

… some really bad records …

Why Dontcha

… and a hookah!

Yard Sale Hookah

Then my car really didn’t want to start. We mostly laughed, since it was only five blocks to my house and we could walk if we had to. But then after five minutes it started right up. What the hell???

Our last sale turned out to be sock guy’s sale. He said he almost put that in his ad, so that we would know it was him.

Sock guy sale

No socks this time around, but I picked up a nice leather jacket and a pair of boots. And I left the car running the whole time!!!

Junk In My Trunk 5-4-13

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