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How They Found Pussy

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No, really. It’s from 1884. Perhaps there were different methods back then? Eternal thanks to Karl for purchasing this at an estate sale last week.

Santa’s on our side

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Meghan had stuff going on last Saturday so I made a plan to hit sales with Karl. There was an estate sale close to home that we wanted to hit first, but it didn’t start until ten. We went and … Continue reading

Patio cats and basement babes

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Last week we were all emailing to figure out if we wanted to hit part two of the hoarder-ish patio sale. It started on Friday and all of us had time to check it out, but we weren’t sure we … Continue reading

The fun and the crusty

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After the last few weekends being pretty questionable I was tempted to flake on sales, especially with a drizzly forecast. However, someone posted a photo to our Facebook page with details about a fun-sounding moving sale. It started at 7 … Continue reading

Sales we shouldn’t have bothered to go to

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After a six-week hiatus from sales (and blogging), we ventured out last Saturday–possibly despite our better judgment, but we figured it was time. There wasn’t that much rain, and there were a few sales listed … Our first stop had … Continue reading

Crap we didn’t buy

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We didn’t go to sales last Saturday. It was Thanksgiving weekend, for cryin’ out loud! That’s usually the marker of when we are done with sales for the year. (Although you never know for sure.) But lack of sales does … Continue reading

Estate sale hell

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Knowing it was probably against better judgment, we made a plan to go to some sales last Saturday. There were two estate sales fairly close to each other, so we decided to hit those first. One had started on Friday, … Continue reading

Tale of a moving sale, in two pictures

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Before. After. And that’s really all you need to know …