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Grumbling is $1 extra

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Over the years we have held plenty of yard sales (many of them predating the blog). It seems like there are a few things we can always count on … We will stress out about possible weather issues. We will … Continue reading

Groceries, bamboo, and rain

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Last week was beautiful and sunny. Friday was gorgeous! And then Saturday? Rain. Half the sales on the list I’d put together weren’t even happening. The ones that were crazy enough not to cancel pretty much looked like this. We … Continue reading

’60s college hallway hijinks

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First we had all those ’60s college kegger photos … now let’s see what those crazy WSU kids got up to when they weren’t out drinking in a field! These pictures were taken in what I assume is either a … Continue reading

’60s outdoor college kegger

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A while ago I wrote a post about an estate sale I went to with some pretty cool vintage items, including six small yellow plastic “Picture-Tainer” boxes — each filled with old photos. I usually look at any old photos … Continue reading

Wild Wild West Seattle

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Last weekend was the event we’d been waiting for: West Seattle Garage Sale Day! This is the fifth year running we have blogged about this neighborhood sale day, which by now is probably the biggest one in town. We got … Continue reading

Lobsters, ladies, and lettering

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A couple of Fridays ago I met Karl to hit part two of an estate sale that I’d missed the first time around (it was the one where Meghan and Karl spent a half hour waiting in the rain, before … Continue reading

Style studs and instant pussycats

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We didn’t hit any sales last weekend, but the Saturday before that we made the rounds … if you can even use that term for the slim pickin’s on a gray day in early spring. The first one was in … Continue reading

A house for a hoard

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We had plans on Friday to meet up at an estate sale that started at noon, but then at the last minute I couldn’t make it. Around 12:30 Meghan texted me that she and Karl were still waiting outside in … Continue reading