The fun and the crusty

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After the last few weekends being pretty questionable I was tempted to flake on sales, especially with a drizzly forecast. However, someone posted a photo to our Facebook page with details about a fun-sounding moving sale. It started at 7 am, but we are not that hardcore, especially in winter, so we went around 9:00. All of the stuff was set up under a big tent. As expected, the seller was super nice and her items tended toward the wacky.

Still life with monkey in a tux

In addition to clothes and various household items there were also an assortment of “mystery item” grab bags!

Mystery items

The mystery theme extended into other areas, too …

Mystery CD Bundle

Even the free box had its high points.


Meghan and I each bought a few things, and I decided to take a chance on a fifty-cent grab bag. After a quick ATM stop we headed off to the other sale on my radar, not too far away. Outside there were a bunch of tools and building materials stacked up–it looked very “guy.”

Crusty dude estate sale

Not pictured: hundreds of records. We both started looking through then, and one of the guys running the sale came over and changed the sign from 50 cents each to 25 cents. Unfortunately this still wasn’t cheap enough to make me want to bring any of these records into my house. It was all crap you can find at any thrift store, and super crusty. Then I got to a box that seemed like something had spilled on it … I decided maybe it was better to take a look-but-don’t-touch approach to this sale.

Along with the vinyl there were plenty of 8-tracks.

Media center

And then there was this knife carrying case … I suppose there could be a normal reason for owning this, but it seemed a little ominous.

Knife carrying case

A couple of other rooms were also open, but there wasn’t much in them. Maybe that was for the best. I did find this lone figurine, which added to the whole “man cave gone wrong” vibe.

Dirty Old Men Need Love Too

We left without buying a thing. Are you surprised? Then I realized I remembered that the listing I’d read was for a moving sale that had mentioned baby stuff, so I made the brilliant observation that there must be a different sale out there. I found the info and we hit that too, but it was a bust. We were eating breakfast before 10:30 AM.

Oh, and the “mystery item”? I think I got my fifty cents’ worth of entertainment.

Mystery item revealed

2 Responses to The fun and the crusty

  1. Karen in Tacoma says:

    What a fun idea – “mystery” items at yard sales 🙂

  2. Fnarf says:

    I would kill for that dirty old man Russ Berry figurine. Well, not kill, exactly. Pay a dollar, I guess.