Tale of a moving sale, in two pictures

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Moving sale sign: Before


Moving sale sign: After

And that’s really all you need to know …

6 Responses to Tale of a moving sale, in two pictures

  1. Pinky says:

    Tell us how you REALLY feel! Seriously, I’ve experienced this exact thing for oh, about the billion years I’ve been thrifting. Thank you for expressing it so succiently.

  2. DogsMom says:

    I have learned to avoid any sale with the word “huge.”
    Those people have never been to a real sale.

  3. Karen in Tacoma says:

    LOL – you TOTALLY made my day with that!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Ain’t it the truth! Can’t tell you how many times I have felt that same way.

  5. sharie says:

    LOL, know what you mean. One persons treasure is another ones trash.

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