Santa, Cindy, and Smoking Squirrel

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Jenny was out for sales this weekend, but Karl and I made plans to try and hit the Capitol Hill annual sale. The last time Jenny and I went it was pretty crappy, but each year a sale is different. After going back and forth on a plan, Karl admitted he needed to take his car in, so would I mind coming to his place.

In the morning, I decided to bring my dog, Ike – he is pretty chill and as long as he gets treats and water, he mostly just hangs out. Even after calling to let Karl know I was leaving to get him, he still wasn’t ready, so Ike and I hung in his yard and waited for him. I felt the need to text Jenny: “How can Karl not be ready??? I drove here!!! It’s 8:27 and he has no clothing on!!!” Her reply: “WTF? Jerk.”

Our first sale was at some new condo/Dwell-magazine-styled apartment sale called the Hiawatha Flea sale.

Hiawatha Flea

I made some comment to Karl about them having had their sale on Friday, but I guess there was only one person selling. They had a few folks set up, but it was pretty blah. But I did love their Santa and really poorly painted sign.

Flea Sign with Santa

Then Karl says “So, I hope you have a list, since I don’t have one” — WHAT??? Aren’t you the navigator on this adventure? Isn’t this your part of town? You are fucking with me? WHAT???? I think I asked my dog to bite him!

I have to give him props, he got his Blackberry out and found us a pretty decent sale in Mt. Baker just a few minutes away. As soon as we pulled up it looked like it could be really good.

Outdoor art display

We both managed to get a few things – I was the most excited about an Orla Kiely shirt that turned out to be a size too small. Rats!

At our next sale I saw this – what would make you own that?!?!

Gorilla Mask

It says “seen on David Letterman” – more like “seen in my nightmares.”

At this point we decided to just hit the main part of Capitol Hill and drive around until we found some sales. We hit a block sale, where I found this pretty awesome signed photo of Cindy from the Brady Bunch.

Susan Olsen

Then we went to the most magical bagel place in Seattle. This is soooo not on my diet (as I purchased 3 bagels). Right after that we stopped at a huge group sale that turned out to be all about promoting them getting to burning man this year. Their camp is called Moon Rock. I purchased firecrackers. Honestly, what group of burners is going to not take those with you, right?

Records in the sun

Karl found some LPs, so he seemed happy with the sale.

About a block away we walked up to a large patio sale – right off the bat I noticed a whole lot of vinyl clothing. Well, everyone can have a goth phase if they want, right? Then I noticed the table of flogging items. EEEEK!!! Time to leave this sale ASAP!

Table full of whips

One of the next sale was a nice gay couple. I was a little shocked that one of them had such a large collection of Star Trek toys.

Star Trek overload

There was also a book scanner, so Karl and I wandered around making different BOOP, BEEP sounds at the guy.

Smoking squirrel sale was picked over.

Smoking Squirrel Yard Sale

But a block away we saw this sign. I need to remember how nice this looked. It must have been easy to create and it really stood out.

Yard Sale Telephone Pole

One of our last sales was a nice German lady and two teenagers collecting money (and selling stuff) to get students over from Germany to study abroad. I just wanted to take a photo of this amazing collection of merry-go-round horses. She was so okay with me taking a photo that she said I could rearrange them if I wanted. I declined the offer, but I did give her money for her charity.

Carousel horses

After a while the sales started to not be very good and I could tell my dog was getting a little stir crazy, so we headed home.

Junk In My Trunk 6-11-11

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  1. quichepup says:

    I gulped when I saw the Star trek sale. My BIL’s wife sold most of his Star Trek/Star Wars/Simpsons stuff and comics at a garage sale soon after they were married. He still mourns for some of his lost stuff, she sold it for a buck or less.

  2. I love your blog! It is so much fun for me to read! We have similar interests and I love the hilarious pictures. How can I follow you?

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks Jen! You can follow us in all the usual ways… there are links to subscribe in a reader or get email updates up at the top right, or if you “Like” our Facebook page we always do updates there when we have a new post (or when we have some other random tidbit to share).